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Details of Miss Claudia Mileni Aracena   


Gender female
Job title Marine Scientist (Dr. in Oceanography)
Department ICML- Universidad Austral de Chile
av. circunvalacion sur 2443
los rios
Regions Black Sea
Tel +56975136846
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Degree PhD. in Oceanography
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Region Patagonian Fjords and Pnla. Antarctica
Skills/Expertise Oceanography, Marine Biology and Paleoceanography
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Miss Claudia ARACENA)

Aracena, C., Kilian, R., Lange, C., Bertrand, S., Lamy, F., Arz, H., De Pol-Holz, R., Baeza, O., Kissel, C. & Pantoja, S., 2014. Holocene variations in productivity associated with glacier activity and changes in freshwater flux at the central basin of the Strait of Magellan accepted in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Aracena, C., Lange, C.B., Iriarte, J.L., Rebolledo, L., Pantoja, S., 2011. Latitudinal patterns of export production recorded in surface sediments of the Chilean Patagonian fjords (41-55°S) as a response to water column productivity. Continental Shelf Research 31(3-4): 340?355.
Caniupán, M., F. Lamy, C. B. Lange, U. Ninnemann, J. Kaiser, H. Arz, R. Kilian, O. Baeza Urrea, C. Aracena, D. Hebbeln, C. Kissel, C. Laj, G. Mollenhauer, R. Tiedemann, 2011. Millennial-scale sea surface temperature and Patagonian Ice Sheet changes off southernmost Chile (53°S) over the past ~60 kyr. Paleoceanography, en prensa, doi:10.1029/2010PA002049.
Oyarzún C., Aracena C., Rutherford P., Godoy R. & Deschrijver A. 2007. Effects of Land Use Conversion from Native Forests to Exotic Plantations on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Retention in Catchments of Southern Chile. Water, Air and Soil Pollution. Vol 179:341?350.
Oyarzún, C., Godoy, R., Staelens, J., Aracena, C. & Proschle, J.C. 2005. Nitrogen fluxes in a Nothofagus obliqua forest and a Pinus radiata plantation in the central valley of southern Chile. Gayana Bot. 62: 88-97.

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