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Details of Dr. Hiram W. Li   


Gender male
Job title Professor and Assistant Leader
Oregon State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife ( FW)
Nash Hall, Room #104 Corvallis OR 97331-3803
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 541 / 737-1963
Fax 541 / 737-3590
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Degree A.B. M.S. Ph.D.
Research Activities I am examining how freshwater communities respond to anthropogenic influenences across different spatial and temporal scales. I am especially concerned with interactions in watersheds and catchments as they affect the riparian zones and in-streamprocesses. The present concerns are associated with de-forestation, introduction of alien species, livestock grazing, and mining as it affects (1) temperature, (2) organic inputs into streams, (3) shade and riparian canopy cover, (4)hyporheic and lateral groundwater connectivity from the riparian zone to the stream channel. I work in a team where we are attempting to use the combination of remote sensed information and field study to determine how ecosystem function (e.g., community structure, population structure (genetics and physiology), trophic web, nutrient cycling, stream flow dynamics) is affected by these activities.

Group(s): GLODIR
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