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Details of Dr. Laval Liong Wee Kwong   


Gender male
International Atomic Energy Agency, Environment Laboratories ( IAEA)
4, Quai Antoine 1er B.P. 800 Monaco Cedex MC 98012
4, Quai Antoine 1er
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Degree PhD
Job type Other
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Laval LIONG WEE KWONG)

Ontiveros-Cuadras J.F., Ruiz-Fernández A.C., Sanchez-Cabeza J.A., Pérez-Bernal L.H., Sericano J.L., Preda M., Liong Wee Kwong L., Páez-Osuna F., Trace element fluxes and natural potential risks from 210Pb-dated sediment cores in lacustrine environments at the Central Mexican Plateau, Sci. Total Environ., 468-469, (2014), 677-687.
Povinec, P. P., Burnett, W. C., Beck, A., Bokuniewicz, H., Charette, M., Gonneea, M. E., Groening, M., Ishitobi, T., Kontar, E., Liong Wee Kwong, L., Marie, D. E. P., Moore, W. S., Oberdorfer, J. A., Peterson, R., Ramessur, R., Rapaglia, J., Stieglitz, T., Top, Z., Isotopic, geophysical and biogeochemical investigation of submarine groundwater discharge: IAEA-UNESCO intercomparison exercise at Mauritius Island. Journal of environmental radioactivity, 104, (2012), 24-25.
Povinec, P. P., Breier, R., Coppola, L., Groening, M., Jandel, C., Jull, A. J. T., Kieser, W. E., Lee, S.-H., Liong Wee Kwong, L., Morgenstern, U., Park, Y.-H., Top, Z., Tracing of water masses using a multi isotope approach in the southern Indian Ocean. Earth and planetary science letters, 302, 1/2, (2011), 14-26.
Sanchez-Cabeza, J.-A., Liong Wee Kwong, L., Betti, M., Method to determine 226Ra in small sediment samples by ultralow background liquid scintillation, Analytical chemistry, 82, 16, (2010), 6847-6853
Povinec, P. P., Lee, S.-H., Liong Wee Kwong, L., Oregioni, B., Jull, A. J. T., Kieser, W. E., Morgenstern, U., Top, Z., Tritium, radiocarbon, 90Sr and 129I in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B, 268, (2010), 1214-1218.
Liong Wee Kwong L., La Rosa J., Gastaud J., Lee S-H., Wyse E., Povinec P., Determination of 241Pu in marine samples using a co-precipitation reaction with a rare earth fluoride and liquid Scintillation spectrometry, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 261, 2, (2004), 283-289.
Liong Wee Kwong L., Povinec P., Jull A.J.T., Preparation of graphite targets from small amounts of marine samples for radiocarbon measurements, Radiocarbon, 46, 1, (2004), 133-139.
Hassoun V., Martin J., Migeon S., Larroque C., Cattaneo A., Eriksson M., Sanchez-Cabeza J.A., Mercier de Lepinay B., Liong Wee Kwong L., Levy I., Heimburger L.-E., Miquel J.-C., Searching for the Record of Historical Earthquakes, Floods and Anthropogenic Activities in the Var Sedimentary Ridge (NW Mediterranean),

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