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Details of Dr. Michel E Hendrickx   


Gender male
Job title Researcher
Department Unidad Academica Mazatlan
Unidad Académica Mazatlán, Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología ( ICMYL-UNAM)
Av. Joel Montes Camarena S/N Apartado Postal 811 Mazatlán 82040
Joel Montes Camarena SN
Regions Black Sea
Tel 526699852846
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Study of invertebrates communities associated with the continental shelf and slope. Head scientist of deep-water project. Coordinator of lecture on oceanographic sampling methods.
Research Region East Pacific
Working languages Spanish; English; French
Skills/Expertise Taxonomy of marine Invertebrates. Crustacea, Mollusca, Echinodermata. Marine zoogeography and ecology.
Comments Tenure scientist; member of the National System of Investigators with top level; Belgian nationality; working with UNAM since 1981. Previously at UNAM as UNESCO Associated Expert (1977-1980)
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Michel HENDRICKX)

Hendrickx, M.E. 1990. Distribución de Raninoides benedicti Rathbun, 1935 (Brachyura: Raninidae), con notas ecológicas y observación de una alometría de crecimiento en las quelas. Rev. Biol. Trop. 38(2A): 343-345.
Hendrickx, M.E. 1989. Chacellus pacificus, new species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Goneplacidae), from the continental shelf of the Gulf of California, México. Bull. Mus. natn. Hist. nat. Paris. 4e sér., 11 (A 1): 193-202.
Hendrickx, M.E. 1995. Restitution de Pseudorhombila xanthiformis Garth, 1940, pour Nanoplax garthi Guinot, 1969 (Decapoda: Goneplacidae). Crustaceana. 68 (1): 12-20.
Hendrickx, M.E. and F.D. Estrada Navarrete. 1989. Processa pippinae Wicksten and Méndez, 1985: a pelagic processid shrimp from the Gulf of California. Rev. Biol. Trop. 37 (1): 109-112.

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