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Details of Prof. Steven E Lohrenz   


Gender male
Job title Dean and Professor
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, School for Marine Science and Technology ( SMAST)
706 South Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford MA 02744-1221
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, School for Marine Science and Technology 706 South Rodney French Blvd.
New Bedford
MA 02744-1221
United States
Regions Sea of Azov
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Degree Ph.D.
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Research and educational interests include phytoplankton ecology and physiology, cycling of nutrients and carbon, and the application of optics and remote sensing for characterizing water quality and biogeochemical processes in coastal waters.
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise An educator and researcher in marine science. Responsibilities as Dean and Professor of the School for Marine Science and Technology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth include oversight of a marine science research and educational program and facility with over 110 faculty, staff, and students.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Steven LOHRENZ)

Tao, B., H. Tian, W. Ren, J. Yang, Q. Yang, R. He, W. Cai, and S. Lohrenz (2014), Increasing Mississippi river discharge throughout the 21st century influenced by changes in climate, land use, and atmospheric CO2, Geophysical Research Letters, 41(14), 4978-4986.
Xue, Z., R. He, K. Fennel, W.-J. Cai, S. Lohrenz, W.-J. Huang, and H. Tian (2014), Modeling pCO 2 variability in the Gulf of Mexico, Biogeosciences Discussions, 11(8), 12673-12695.
Fichot, C. G., S. E. Lohrenz, and R. Benner (2014), Pulsed, cross-shelf export of terrigenous dissolved organic carbon to the Gulf of Mexico, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 10.1002/2013JC009424, doi:10.1002/2013JC009424.
Huang, W.-J., W.-J. Cai, R. M. Castelao, Y. Wang, and S. E. Lohrenz (2013), Effects of a wind-driven cross-shelf large river plume on biological production and CO2 uptake on the Gulf of Mexico during spring, Limnol. Oceanogr, 58(5), 1727-1735.
Liu, M., H. Tian, Q. Yang, J. Yang, X. Song, S. E. Lohrenz, and W.-J. Cai (2013), Long-term trends in evapotranspiration and runoff over the drainage basins of the gulf of Mexico during 1901-2008, Water Resources Research, 49, 1?25, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20180.
Zhou, Z., L. Guo, A. M. Shiller, S. E. Lohrenz, V. L. Asper, and C. L. Osburn (2013), Characterization of oil components from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico using fluorescence EEM and PARAFAC techniques, Marine Chemistry, 148, 10-21.
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Chakraborty, S., S. Lohrenz, M. Tuel, and D. Redalje (2012), The USM Pigment Analysis Method, in The Fifth SeaWiFS HPLC Analysis Round-Robin Experiment (SeaHARRE-5), NASA Tech. Memo 217503, edited by S. B. Hooker, et al.
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Kirkpatrick, G. J., D. F. Millie, M. A. Moline, S. E. Lohrenz, and O. M. Schofield (2011), Automated, in-water determination of colored dissolved organic material and phytoplankton community structure using the optical phytoplankton discriminator paper presented at Ocean Sensing and Monitoring III, SPIE.
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Cai, W.-J., and S. E. Lohrenz (2010), The Mississippi River Plume and Adjacent Margin in the Gulf of Mexico, in Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes in the Continental Margins: A Global Synthesis, edited by K.-K. Liu, L. Atkinson, R. QuinoƱes and L. Talaue-McManus, pp. 406-422, Springer, Berlin.

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