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Details of Prof. Nzula Kitaka   


Gender male
Job title Professor,
536 Nakuru
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +254-722 275856
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Job type Data Management
Research Area(s) Limnology , Limnology
Research Region 71
Working languages English
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Nzula KITAKA)

Ndung?u, J., Bruce, M, Augustin C.M., Suzanne J.M.H., Kitaka, N. & Mathooko, J.M. (2013) Evaluation of Spatio-temporal Variations of Chlorophyll-a in Lake Naivasha, Kenya: Remote sensing approach. International Journal of Remote Sensing 34(22):8142-8155
Ouma, K.O, Mungai, N.M. & Kitaka, N. (2013) Temporal Variation of Sedimentation from Surface Runoff from Agricultural Land Uses in Sondu-Miriu Basin, Kenya. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 5(10): 577-590
Kipkemboi, J, Kilonzi, C.M., Van Dam, A.A., Kitaka, N., Mathooko, J.M. & Denny, P. (2010) Enhancing the Fish Production potential of Lake Victoria papyrus wetlands, Kenya, using seasonal flood-dependent ponds. Wetlands Ecol. Manage. 18: 471-483

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