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Details of Dr. Mariagrazia Graziano   


Gender female
Job title Scientific Project Officer - Post Doctoral Researcher
Department Institute for Environment and Sustainability - Joint Research Centre - European Commission
European Commission - Joint Research Centre
Tel +390332789744
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Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Analysis and modelling of ecosystem services in marine protected areas of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries
Research Region 35, African, Pacific
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Mariagrazia is a biologist with a PhD from the University of Palermo in marine ecology and marine resources management and conservation. Before joining the IES, she was working at the University of Palermo in collaboration to the Marine Institute (University of Plymouth, UK) studying ecological effects of climate changes on marine communities, in particular the ocean acidification impacts. Topics of her previous research activities were the analysis of the species distributions using experimental ecology approaches to highlight biodiversity changes and ecosystem functioning shifts in relation to human impacts and protection measures (Marine Protected Areas). During her PhD she worked for the European Project “EMPAFISH – Marine Protected Areas as tool for Fisheries management and conservation”. She had been post doc researcher for the European project called “Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas (KnowSeas) at the University of Plymouth (UK) and at the CNR-IIA (Italy). Mariagrazia has broadened her experience assessing Marine Protected Areas effects also from the socio-cultural point of view. - See more at: http://emarine.jrc.it/content/who-are-we#sthash.7K4cKoMl.dpuf
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Mariagrazia GRAZIANO)

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