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Details of  Kim Sys   


Gender female
Job title Research associate
Department Fisheries and Aquatic Production
Instituut voor Landbouw en Visserijzonderzoek ( ILVO-Fisheries)
Ankerstraat 1 Oostende B-8400
Instituut voor Landbouw en Visserijzonderzoek Ankerstraat 1
Tel 0032 59 56 98 54
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Website http://www.ilvo.vlaanderen.be
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Degree Master in Bioscience Engineering
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities 1) VALDUVIS or 'Valorization of Sustainably and Fresh Caught Fish' is developing a tool to score and visualize the ecological, economic and social sustainability of Belgian caught fish in the fish auction. This score will be calculated based on a few indicators per sustainability pillar. Because the correctness of the score is dependent on the availability of good and complete information about the catch, a study is being conducted on how to improve the quality of the traceability data in the Belgian fisheries sector. 2) Sustainability assessments as member of ILVO's sustainability team in fisheries.
Research Region 36
Working languages English; Dutch
Skills/Expertise Sustainability in Fisheries

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