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Details of Dr. Noureddine Zaaboub   


Gender male
Job title researcher
Department Marine Science
National Institute of Marine Science and Technology 28 Rue 2 mars 1934, Carthage Salammbo,2025 Tunis, Tunisie
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel 0021698826718
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
Research Activities Current interest is related influence of mining rejects discharges on marine environment. Evaluation of the toxicity in the marine environment by various geochemical and biotest methodology. Other works in related with environmental biogeochemical change in costal lagoon; it is about the characterization and the biogeochemical modeling of a Mediterranean Lagoon with the aim of a sustainable development

International Cooperation project Manager between: Tunisia (National Institute of Marine Science and Technology) and Portugal with the University of Aveiro. Title of the project: "Characterization and Biogeochemical Modeling of a Mediterranean Lagoon: case of Bizerte Lagoon (Tunisia)." International Cooperation project Manager between: Tunisia (National Institute of Marine Science and Technology) and Spain with the University of Granada. Title of the project: " The impact of mining discharges in the Medjerda River in the North of Tunisia on the marine environment (Gulf of Tunis)".
Research Region 2, 3,
Working languages English; French
Skills/Expertise My current works are focused on biogeochemical changes affecting marine environment due to anthropological activities and climate change. Water and sediments quality are investigated such as mineralogical and geochemical identification of major and trace elements fractionation in marine environments, lagoons and rivers.
Comments participate to GEOTRACE Mediterranean and black sea project: Dutch GEOTRACES project in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Noureddine ZAABOUB)

Zaaboub, N. , Oueslati, W., Helali, M.A., Abdeljaoued, S., Huertas, F. J. and López-Galindo. A., (2014). Trace element in different marine sediment fractions of the gulf of Tunis: central Mediterranean sea. Chemical Speciation And Bioavailability, 26 (1), 1-12. Helali M.A., Oueslati W., Zaaboub N. , Added A., Abdeljaoued S., (2013) geochemistry of marine sediments in Mejerda river Delta, Tunisia. Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability, 25(4). Doi: 10.3184/095422913X13840098160825. Béjaoui B., Ferjani D., Zaaboub N., Chapelle A., Moussa M. (2010) Caractérisation hydrobiologique saisonnière de la lagune de Bizerte (Tunisie). Revue des Sciences de l?Eau, Vol. 23 , n° 3 , pp 215-231 Zaaboub N., Abdeljaouad S. And Lopez-Galindo A. (2007). Stable isotope geochemistry of carbonates and fibrous clays in Tunisian Tertiary deposits, Euroclay 2007. 22-27 July 2007. Aveiro. Portugal. P146. Zaaboub N., Abdeljaouad S. and Lopez-Galindo A. (2005). Origin of fibrous clays in Tunisian Paleogene deposits. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 43, pp 491?504.

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