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Details of Dr. Fengying Ji   


Gender female
Job title senior researcher
Department Department Oceanography and Meteorology
National Marine Data and Information Service ( NMDIS)
No. 93, Liuwei Road Tainjin 300171
National Marine Data and Information Service No. 93, Liuwei Road
Hedong District
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 86-22-24010833
Fax 86-22-24010926
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Degree phD
Job type Data Management
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Take leading roles on marine hydrological data pressing and quality control, including CTD, Argo, ADCP, and other kinds of marine data; and in charge of International exchange dataset processing and management, such as GTSPP, WOD05, and so on.

Research Region 72, 84
Working languages ChinSpanishe
Skills/Expertise Processing, quality control , and analysis CTD, Argo and XBT data. Delayed-mode correction of Argo salinity data Graphical visualization of oceanographic data.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Fengying JI)

1.IOC, SCOR and IAPSO, 2010: The international thermodynamic equation of seawater-2010: Calculation and use of thermodynamic properties. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Manuals and Guides No. 56, UNESCO (English), 196. Ji Fengying,Lin Shaohua, Yu Ting, translation,Beijing, Ocean press, 2013 2.Ji Fengying, Yu Ting, Dong Mingmei, Liang Jianfeng, 2014, Method and Software for Eliminate Duplicate data for WOD and Argo Datasets, Journal of Ocean University (Chinese version), in press 3.Ji Fengying, Lin Shaohua, 2007, Now Cast Global Current Fields: A Feasibility Study of Using Argo trajectory data to produce Monthly, 4-D, Ocean Current Maps, The XXIV IUGG General Assembly, July 2nd ~ July 13th 2007, Perugia, Italy 4.Zengan Deng, Jiye Jin , Fengying Ji a , Feng Zhang a b , Xiaoyi Jiang, Wei Wang & Linchong Kang,2013, Estimating the Isoneutral Slope and Tracer Diffusion from Argo Observations Marine Geodesy, 36: 109- 122 5.Zhang Aijun, Fan Wenjing, Ji Fengying, 2007, The standards for skill assessment of operational marine forecast system, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, Vol. 25, No.1, p 27~35 6.Ji Fengying, Wang Fan, 2006, A Calibration Method of Argo Floats Based On Multiple- Regression Analysis, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and limnology, Vol. 23(4) 7.Ji Fengying, Lin Shaohua, 2004, Quality Control of Argo Data Based on Climatological T-S Models, Marine Science Bulletin(in English), Vol 6, No 2 ,pp19~pp27.

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