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Details of Dr. Joseph Aggrey-Fynn   


Gender male
Job title Senior Lecturer
Department Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
University of Cape Coast (
University Avenue University of Cape Coast Cape Coast Ghana Cape Coast Nil
University Avenue University of Cape Coast Cape Coast Ghana
Cape Coast
Central Region
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +233234393284
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Website http://www.ucc.edu.gh/jaggrey-fynn/
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities •Ecological studies on Tympanotonus fuscata in coastal lagoons •Ecological and biochemical studies on Lagoon tilapia and other brackishwater fish species •Diet studies of some commercially important fish species in coastal waters of Ghana •Fish stock assessment in the Western Gulf of Guinea •Environmental Monitoring in the Offshore Jubilee Oil and Gas Fields in Ghana

Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Aquatic Ecology, Marine Science, Fisheries Science
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Joseph AGGREY-FYNN)

Aggrey-Fynn, J. and Sackey-Mensah, R. (2012). Species diversity and relative abundance of fisheries resources found in beach seine along the central coast of Ghana. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 20 (1): 1-9. Aggrey-Fynn, J., Galyuon, I., Aheto, D.W. and Okyere, I. (2011). Assessment of the environmental conditions and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two coastal lagoons in Ghana. Annals of Biological Research, 2 (5): 413 ? 424. Okyere, I., Aheto, D.W. and Aggrey-Fynn, J. (2011). Comparative ecological assessment of biodiversity of fish communities in three coastal wetland systems in Ghana. European Journal of Experimental Biology, 1 (2):178-188. Okyere, I., Blay, J. and Aggrey-Fynn, J. (2011). Hydrographic Conditions and the Macrozoobenthos of a Coastal Wetland in Ghana. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 37 (1): 15-22. Aheto, D.W., Asare, C., Mensah, E.A. and Aggrey-Fynn, J. (2011). Rapid Assessment of Anthropogenic Impacts on Exposed Sandy Beaches in Ghana using Ghost Crabs (Ocypode spp.) as Ecological Indicators. Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science, 3(2): 93-103. Aheto, D. W., Mensah, E., Aggrey-Fynn, J., Obodai, E. A., Mensah, C. J., Okyere, I. and Aheto, S. P. K. (2011). Spatio-temporal analysis of two coastal wetland systems in Ghana: Addressing ecosystem vulnerability and implications for fisheries development in the context of climate and land use changes. Archives of Applied Science Research, 3 (3): 499-513. Okyere, I., Blay, J., Aggrey-Fynn, J. and Aheto, D.W. (2011). Composition, Diversity and Food Habits of the Fish Community of a Coastal Wetland in Ghana. Journal of Environment and Ecology, 2 (1): 1-17. Aggrey-Fynn, J. (2011). Preliminary studies on Coastal Hydrography of Ghana, from 1974 ? 2004. First University of Cape Coast and University of Ilorin Joint International Conference in 2009, 407 ? 424. Obodai, E.A., Aggrey-Fynn, J., Agbemafle, R., Nimako, A.A. & Nutor, M.D. (2011). Preliminary studies on copepod infestation of the garfish (Ablennes hians) landed at Elmina harbour, Ghana. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences, 5 (1): 123-133. Serigstad, B., Vassenden, G., Hatlen, K., Ensrud, T., Johansen, P-O., Ostrowski, M., Olsen, M., Lagestrand, A. and Aggrey-Fynn, J. (2010). Marine environmental survey of bottom sediments in Jubilee Fields, Ghana (Survey of the bottom fauna and selected physical and chemical compounds in May 2009). Cruise Report

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