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Details of Dr GEOFFREY D Wigham   


Gender male
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 44 1752 232917
Fax 44 1752 232970
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Degree BSc PhD
Research Activities I am a senior lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator in Marine Biology, lecturing on two undergraduate honours degree programmes; BSc (Hons)Marine Biology and BSc (Hons)Marine Biology & Ecology. My main contributions are in marine biological survey work, both littoral and sublittoral (including diving and dive training and in marine ecology in general. Specific interests are in marine conservation & management and benthic ecology, to which I bring to that an extensive knowledge of invertebrate taxonomy, particularly with regard to the Mollusca of the North-East Atlantic. I have also been involved in work on heavy metal pollution in the and marine environment. While gastropod molluscs, as a whole, are a major interest of mine, one species, Rissoa parva (Gastropoda:Prosobranchia)is of particular interest and I have investigated many aspects of its biology. I contributed the prosobranch chapter to Hayward, P.J. & Ryland, J.S. (Eds.),1990. The Marine Fauna of the British Isles and north-west Europe. Oxford:Clarendon Press and Hayward, P.J. & Ryland, J.S. (Eds.), 1995. Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe. Oxford: University Press.

Group(s): UKDIR
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