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Details of Ms Jenny Parra   


Gender female
Job title Program Coordinator Sustainable Cities INDECI-PNUD / Project Coordinator Disaster Risk Scenarios INDECI-PNUD
Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil
Nationality Peru
Tel (511) 2259898 Anexo 5131
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Website http://www.indeci.gob.pe/contenido.php?item=MjU
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Research Activities In charge of the execution of studies of disaster risk management and disaster risk scenarios
Skills/Expertise Urban and Regional Planner / Specialist in disaster risk management.
Comments Sustainable Cities Programme is an initiative that promotes INDECI with UNDP support in order to contribute to sustainable development of cities and towns peruvian, incorporating disaster risk management in planning and land use, identifying the safest areas for growth and densification and projects and mitigation measures needed to reduce disaster risk levels, through the development of studies related to hazard maps, vulnerability maps, risk maps, Land Use Plan disaster, Projects and mitigation measures for natural and technological hazards.

Group(s): Tsunami , IOC ICG/PTWS
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