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Details of Dr. Renqiang Wen   


Gender male
Department Marine disaster prevention and mitigation division
6 north qiwangfen road, beianhe, haidian district
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 86-010-62492536
Fax 86-010-62492533
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Website http://www.etcsoa.gov.cn
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Research Support Services , Research Support Services
Research Activities Marine disaster risk assessment, disaster investigation, emergency command platform operation, and scientific research and equipment development in the field of marine disaster prevention and mitigation
Research Region 72
Working languages English; ChinSpanishe
Skills/Expertise Risk Assessment; Multi-object Optimization; Data Mining;Emergency response and management; Decision making support system; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Renqiang WEN)

[1]Wen Renqiang, Huang Quanyi, Luo Nianxue, Zhao Qiansheng. The Study on Spatial Decision Support Services Architecture Based on Grid GIS in Emergency Response Platform. 2008 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, NETWORKING AND MOBILE COMPUTING, VOLS 1-31, 2008: 11715-11719 [2]WEN Ren-qiang, HUANG Quan-yi, HUANG Dong-hai. A Research on the Outburst Discharging Forecast Model of Dangerous Chemical Based on GIS to Meet an Emergency Platform. Bulletin of Surveying and mapping, 2008,4:52-54 [3]Zhang Bin, Yuan Hongyong, Huang Quanyi, Wen Renqiang, etc. Research on fine Spatial Quantitative Model about vulnerability of hazard-affected bodies, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIGITAL EARTH, 2010:395-405 [4]Fei Wang, Renqiang Wen, Shaobo Zhong. Key Issues in Mapping Technologies for Disaster Management, 2010 2nd International Conference on Information Engineering and Computer Science (ICIECS), 2010, 1109-1115 [5]WEN Ren-qiang, LUO Nian-xue, CHEN Xue-feng, MEI Wen-sheng. Application of Measurement Robot to Surveying Cubage of Vessel. Geospatial Information, 2005,3(3):46-48

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