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Details of Dr. Erik Muxagata   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Oceanography
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Instituto de Oceanografia ( IO-FURG)
Cx. Postal, 474 Rio Grande 96200-970
Instituto de Oceanografia - Laboratório de Zooplâncton Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG Av. italia Km 8 - Campus Carreiros Caixa Postal 474
Rio Grande
Tel +55 53 3233 6507
Fax +55 53 3233 6601
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Degree B.Sc (Honours); MSci; PhD
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Secondary production, Flux rates, Development rates, fecal pellets production
Research Region Patos Lagoon Estuary and Western Southern Atlantic Ocean
Skills/Expertise Zooplankton Ecology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Erik MUXAGATA)

Duarte,A.K.; Kinas,P.G.; Muxagata,E. and Odebrecht,C. [2014]Zooplankton biomass distribution in the Subtropical Southwestern Atlantic Ocean: relationships with environmental factors and chlorophyll a Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences vol 9(4): 239-261
Muxagata, E; Amaral, W.J.A. and Barbosa, C.N. [2012] Acartia tonsa production in the Patos Lagoon estuary, Brazil ICES Journal of Marine Science, vol 69: 475-482.
Muxagata, E. and Williams, J.A. [2011] Larval body size?mass relationships of barnacles common to the English Channel coast of the UK Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, vol 91(1): 181-189.
Calazans, D., Muelbert, J.H. & E. Muxagata [2011] Estudos Oceanográficos: do instrumental ao prático ISBN 978-85-99333-06-8
Muxagata, E & Williams, J.A. [2011] First account on the seasonal occurrence of parasitic forms on the zooplankton of Southampton Water Marine Biodiversity Records, vol 4; e47
Muelbert, J.H.; Muxagata, E. and Kaminski, S. [2010] O Estuário da Lagoa dos Patos: um século de transformações ISBN 978-85-7566-144-4
Herbert, R.J.H. and Muxagata, E. [2009] Barnacles (Crustacea:Ciripedia) of the Solent and Isle of Wight Proceedings of the Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Society, vol 24: 42-56.
Muxagata,E. and Williams,J.A. [2006] The seasonal abundance and production of Oithona nana (Copepoda:Cyclopoida) in Southampton Water Journal of Plankton Research, vol 28: 1055-1065.
Muxagata,E. and Williams,J.A. [2004]. The mesozooplankton of the Solent-Southampton Water system: A photographic guide Southampton Oceanography centre internal document, 97
MUXAGATA, E; WILLIAMS, J.A.; and SHEADER, M. [2004] Composition and temporal distribution of cirripede larvae in Southampton Water, England, with particular reference to the secondary production of Elminius modestus. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 61, 585?595.
Muxagata,E. and Montú,M.A. [1999] Os Cladocera da plataforma continental sudeste brasileira: distribuição, densidade e biomassa (inverno de 1995). Nauplius, 7: 155-172.
MUXAGATA,E and GLOEDEN, I.M. [1995] Ocorrência de Temora turbinata Dana, 1849 (Crustacea: Copepoda) no estuário da Lagoa dos Patos, RS, Brasil. Nauplius, 3:163-164.

Group(s): GOOS
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