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Details of Dr. Patricia Pinto da Silva   


Job title Social Scientist
Department Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole MA
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring ( NOAA)
Silver Spring Metro Center Bldg 3, Rm 11458 1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring MD 20910
166 Water Street
Woods Hole
Regions Sea of Azov
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Degree PhD Social Policy/Marine Conservation
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities - serve on scientific and statistical committee for the New England Fisheries Management Council - Member of two ICES working groups - conduct social science research as it relates to fisheries management.
Research Region Northeast United States, Brazil
Working languages English, Portuguese
Skills/Expertise Collaborative management planning and implementation in US. Marine Policy - including coastal and marine spatial planning, food policy,
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Patricia PINTO DA SILVA)

H. Nutters & P.Pinto da Silva. In preparation. Fishery Stakeholder Engagement and Marine Spatial Planning: Lessons from the Rhode Island Ocean SAMP and the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan. For submission to Ocean & Coastal Management. A.Kitts, P. Clay, P. Pinto da Silva. 2010. Defining Social and Economic Performance Measures of Catch Share Programs in the Northeast United States. IFFET Annual Conference. Monpellier, France. Holland DS, Pinto da Silva P, Wiersma J. 2010. A survey of social capital and attitudes toward management in the New England groundfish fishery. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 10-12; 13 p. Tuler, S, J. Agyeman, P. Pinto da Silva, Roth LoRusso. In Press. Characterizing and identifying vulnerable populations among Northeast Marine fishery stakeholders. NOAA Technical Series Document. Clay, Patricia M., Lisa L. Colburn, Sarah L. Smith, Azure Westwood, Julia Olson, Patricia Pinto da Silva and Julie Ekstrom. In Press. Community Profiles for the Northeast U.S. Fisheries. Planned Submission as a NOAA Reference Document, expected 2011. Currently on NEFSC web site as Individual profiles and a separate introduction. Online at http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/read/socialsci/community_profiles/ (accessed 10 May 2011). Pollard-Roundtree, B., A. Kitts, P. Pinto da Silva. 2008. Building collaborative institutions in the NE US Tilefish Fishery. In Case studies in fisheries self governance. Townsend, R. Shotton, R and Uchida H (eds). FAO Technical Paper No. 504. Rome. 452. Pinto da Silva, P and M. Hall Arber. (Ed). 2008. Special section on Vulnerability and Resilience of Fishery Stakeholders in the NE United States. Human Ecology Review. Pinto da Silva, P. and M. Hall-Arber. 2008. Introduction: Weathering the Storms: Vulnerability and Resilience in the Northeast Fishing Industry. Human Ecology Review 15(2): 141-142. Tuler, S, J. Agyeman, P. Pinto da Silva. 2008. 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Marine Resource Review. 67:4, pp 19-25. Pinto da Silva.P. 2007. Da propriedade coletiva ao co-gerenciamento: Licoes da primeira reserve extrativista marinha Brasileira. In Areas Aquaticas Protegidas como instrumento de Gestao Pesqueira. Ministerio do Meio Ambiente, Secretaria de Biodiversidede e Florestas Nucleo da Zona Costeira e Marinha. Brazilia. Brazil. Pinto da Silva, P. & C. Fulcher. 2006. Using GIS to Illustrate Social and Ecological Connections in Commercial Fisheries off the Northeast Coast of the Unites States. Geographic Information Systems and Ocean Mapping in Support of Fisheries Research and Management Workshop Proceedings. MIT Sea Grant. Boston. MA. Pinto da Silva, P. 2006. Fishermen at the Frontlines of Conservation. The Common Property Resource Digest. Invited response paper. March 2006 Issue. Pinto da Silva, P. & A. Kitts. 2006. Collaborative fisheries management in the Northeast US: Emerging initiatives and future directions. Marine Policy (30) pp.832-841. Kitts, A., P. Pinto da Silva & B. Pollard-Roundtree. 2007. Evolution and outcomes of collaborative management institutions in the NE US Tilefish Fishery. Marine Policy (31) pp.192-200. Pinto da Silva, P. June 2005. Collaborative marine management in Brazil: Case study from Arraial do Cabo, RJ. In Brazilian Protected Areas. Center for Protected Areas. Secretary of Biodiveristy and Forests. Brazilian Envrionment Minstry. Brasilia. Kalikoski, D. & P. Pinto da Silva. June, 2005. Collaborative management: lessons learned from the Fórum da Lagoa dos Patos (RS) and the Arraial do Cabo (RJ) Extractive Reserve case studies. United Nations Development Programme. Pinto da Silva, P. 2005. Case Study: Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro in “Managing small-scale fisheries: alternative directions and methods’ (Portuguese translations of book published in 2001), F. Berkes, R. Mahon, P. McConney, R. Pollnac, and R. Pomeroy (Eds). International Development Research Centre. Canada. Pinto da Silva, P. 2004. History, Culture and Participatory Marine Conservation. Special edition on History, Culture and Conservation. Vol (14). Policy Matters. IUCN - Geneva. Pinto da Silva, P. 2004. From common property to co-management; lessons from Brazil’s first Maritime Extractive Reserve. Vol. 28 (5) p. 419-428. Marine Policy. Elsevier Publications. Pinto da Silva, P. 2002. From common property to co-management: social change and participation in Brazil’s first Maritime Extractive Reserve. Ph.D. Thesis. Department of Social Policy. London School of Economics. London, UK.

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