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Details of Dr. Evgeny Dm. Vyazilov   


Gender male
Job title Head Laboratory
Department National Oceanographic Data Centre
All-Russian Research Institute Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center, Obninsk 6, Koroleva Street
Kaluga region, 249020
Russian Federation
Regions Sea of Marmara
Sea of Azov
Bristol Channel
Tel +7(48439)74676 / +7(48439)75904 (home)
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Website http://nodc.meteo.ru/nodc/index.php?lang=en, http://portal.esimo.ru, http://www.meteo.ru
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Degree Dr. Sc. of Oceanography
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Data Management , Decision Making & Policy
Research Area(s) Research Support Services , Research Support Services
Research Activities Main AchievementComputerised Catalogue Oceanographic Data (1982).Dictionaries of oceanographical parameters (1981)Dissertation "Principles of Oceanographical Data Bank Creation and Using " (1983).Oceanograph Data Bank "World Ocean" (1986).Cruises Inventory Data Base, 32 000 cruises (1988).Decision Support System for Natural Disasters (1995).Computerised Handbook for Informational Oceanographic Resources (metadata bases) - 1996.Organisation of creating Oceanographical data sets in CD-ROM (1997).Home page MEDAR/MEDATLAS: Inventory for Mediteranium Sea (1997), http://www.meteo.ru/nodc/project/project.htm Home Page Decision Support in Natural Disasters (1998),http://www.meteo.ru/nodc/project2/action.htm. Thesis "Methodology of Environmental Data Using on Marine Objects for Decision Support" (1998). Monograph "Environmental Information Resources" - 311pp. (2001).The leader of project Open University (Prague) No 589/94 "Creating of computerised systems for producing information on the impacts of disasters on population, nature, industry", 1994-1996. In this project were Russia and Ukraine scientists.The executor of IOC Project "Global Oceanographical Data Archaeology and Rescue", 1994-1998. The leader and executor of many national projects, in which participated several organisations (example "Creating of oceanographic data bank"; "Creation of metadata bases"; "Informational resources for oceanography", "Creating data management plan for projects "Baltic", "Russian Seas", "Section" and other" in frame the Russian Research Programmes "World Ocean", "Global Change of Climate", "Informatization of Russia"). Member of organising committees of international and national Conferences: The problems of oceanographic information (Obninsk, May 1989).TIEMEC'95 (Nice, France, May 1995).History of sea and oceans exploration (Obninsk, October 22-25, 1996).TIEMEC'96 (Montreal, Canada, June 1996).IOC Training Course on Oceanographic Data Management for Trainers from Eastern Europe and the former Republics of the Soviet Union (Obninsk, Russia, RIHMI-WDC. July 6-17, 1998). Expeditionary Research of the World Ocean and Oceanographic Information Resources, OIR'98 (Obninsk, Russia, 26-30 October 1998). Publications: number of papers in refereed journals - 63, number of communications to scientific meetings - 55, books - 6.

Research Region 102
Skills/Expertise MS Office, DBMS Oracle, XML Theacher: courses "Data bases", "Internet - tekhnology"
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Evgeny VYAZILOV)

Internet-technologies: arhitecture, methods and tools. Moscow, URSS. 2009. 512 pp.
2001. V.Gelovany, E.Vyazilov, V.Britkov. Intelligent decision support system... // M. URSS. 2001. 303pp. 2004. Data bases. - Obninsk. IATE. 2004. 110pp.
2001. E. Vyazilov. Environmental Information Resources. - Moscow. UPS. -310 pp. 1998. N. Mikhailov, E. Vyazilov, V. Lamanov, N. Studenov. Marine expeditionary research in Russia // S.-Petersburg: Hydrometeoizdat. - 212 pp. 1997. E. Vyazilov. Expert System and Decision Support System for Taking Account and Forecast of Hydrometeorological Conditions at the Sea // Integrated Approach to Environmental Data Management Systems. Edited by Nilgun B.Harmancioglu, M.Necdet Alpaslan. NATO ASI Series 2. Environment - Vol. 31. Advanced Research Workshop, Izmir, Turkey, Sept.16-20, 1996. P.401-410. 1996. E. Vyazilov, V. Britkov, A. Bashlykov. The Creating Decision Support System in Hydrometeorology // Collection, Storage and Processing of Hydrometeorological Information. N. 160. P.124-135. All Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre. Hydrometeo Publish House, S.-Petersburg. 1995. Base the Oceanological Knowledge and Data Systems // V.N. Eremeev, A.M. Suvorov, E. Vyazilov, T.V. Plactun and other; The Marine Hydrophysical Institute, the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Sebastopol. - 160p. 1988. Oceanographic Data Bank. - Moscow. Hydrometeo Publish House. // V. Lamanov, E. Vyazilov, N. Mikhailov, A. Kuznetsov. - 121 pp. 1986. E. Alekseenko, E. Vyazilov. Creating of Oceanographic Metadata Bases.-Moscow.Hydrometeoizdat.-54 pp.

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