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Details of Dr. Jorge Urrea   


Gender male
Job title Jefe Dpto Planificación y Ordenamiento Territorial
Department Division de Planificacion
Gobierno Regional del Bío-Bío ( GORE Bío-Bío)
Avda Arturo Prat 525 Concepción
Avda Arturo Prat 525
Nationality Chile
Tel 56 41 2405760
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Website http://www.gorebiobio.cl
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Degree PhD
Research Activities Coordinator of the Bio Bio Commission for Coastal Zone Use and Plannning. Preparation of intervention strategies and plans action in accordance with stakeholder`s interests. Formulation of a regional public policy for territorial planning of coastal zone and landscape management. Responsible for the organization of regular meetings of the ICZM Commission and the preparation of Executive Summaries. Preparation of seminars and workshops with public, private and academic sectors.

Languages: Spanich, English, French (reading)
Research Region 84
Skills/Expertise Geographer with expertise in public policy and risk management. Expert in negotiation with indigenous people and local communities of fishermen and others. Aplication of Law Nº 20.249 of coastal marine areas for indigenous people in Chile.
Comments It is of special interes to include the participation of indigenous people and local communities view and way of life in the planning and intervention on the territory.

Group(s): Tsunami
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