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Details of Ms Nabilt Jill Moggiano   


Gender female
Job title Physicist
Department Centro Nacional de Alerta de Tsunamis
Nationality Peru
Tel +511 2078160 ext 6429
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Website http://www.dhn.mil.pe/
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Degree Lic. En Física
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities 1) To check the operability of equipment and systems at Peruvian Tsunami Warning Center. 2) To elaborate tsunami inundation maps using tsunami numerical modeling (TUNAMI-N2). 3) To prepare scientific papers related to research in tsunamis. 4) To training people in general, schools, institutions, universities along Peruvian coast in tsunami awareness. 5)To represent DHN in workshops, symposium, etc.
Working languages Spanish (mother tongue), English
Skills/Expertise Researcher in Tsunamis at Peruvian Tsunami Warning Center
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ms Nabilt MOGGIANO)

Moggiano, N.[2013] Modelado Numérico del Maremoto de Pisco 2007. Tesis de Licenciatura en Física. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. http://cybertesis.unmsm.edu.pe/bitstream/cybertesis/3538/1/moggino_am.pdf
C. Jimenez, N. Moggiano and M. Saavedra. [2013]Fuente sísmica del terremoto de Pisco 2007 a partir de inversión de registros mareográ?cos, Revista de Investigación de Física 15, 121502401 (2012) http://www.rif-fisica.org/images/e/e8/121502401.pdf
Cesar Jimenez, Nabilt Moggiano, Erick Mas, Bruno Adriano, Shunichi Koshimura, Yushiro Fujii, and Hideaki Yanagisawa [2013] Seismic Source of 1746 Callao Earthquake from Tsunami Numerical Modeling, Journal of Disasters Research, Vol.8 Nº2, pp. 266-273 http://www.fujipress.jp/JDR/DSSTR00080002.html

Group(s): Tsunami , IOC ICG/PTWS
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