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Details of Dr. Fred M Utter   


Gender male
Job title Affiliate Professor
University of Washington, School of Oceanography (
1501 NE Boat Street Marine Sciences Bldg Room G Seattle WA 98105
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 01 206 685 8196
Fax 01 206 685 7471
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Degree PhD Dhc
Research Activities I have pioneered, and continue to be active in the use of molecular genetic markers as tools in fishery research and management. I have mentored dozens of graduate students in these methods during the past quarter century, where many of them and their students presently occupy positions of leadership. I am a strong advocate of publishing research results in peer reviewed literature, presently serving as co-editor of the Transactions of the American Fishery Society, and working to assist colleagues to publish where English is a second language. This advocacy is supported by well over 100 peer reviewed papers of my own.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Fred UTTER)

Garcia-Marin, J.L.; Utter, F.M.; Pla, C. [1999] Post-glacial colonisation of brown trout in Europe based on distribution of allozyme variants Heredity, Vol. 82, pp. 46-56.
Utter, F.M. [1999] Ecological genetics: introductory note. Ecol. of Freshwater Fish, Vol 8, pp. 111-113
Roldan, M.I.; Garcia-Marin, J.L.; Utter, F.M.; Pla, C. [1999] Genetic relationships among MERLUCCIUS species. Heredity, Vol. 83, pp. 79-86.
Spruteel, P.; Rieman, B.E.; Kundsen, K.L; Utter, F.M.; Allendorf, F.W. [1999] Genetic population structure within streams: microsatellite analysis of bull trout populations. Ecol. of Freshwater Fish, Vol 8, ppl. 114-121
Seeb, J.E.; Habicht, C.; Templin, W.B.; Shaklee, J.B.; Seeb, L.W.; Utter, F.M. [1999] Allozyme and mitochondrial DNA variation describe ecologically important genetic structure of even-year pink salmon inhabiting Prince William Sound, Alaska Ecol. Freshwater Fish., Vol 8, pp. 122-140
Grant, W.S.; Garcia-Marin, J.L.; Utter, F.M. [1999] Defining population boundaries for fishery management. Pages 27-71 in: GENETICS IN SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES MANAGEMENT edited by S. Mustafa. Blackwell, London.

Group(s): GLODIR
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