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Details of Ms Aida BEN MANSOUR   


Gender female
Job title Principal Engineer in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
Centre National des Sciences et Technologies Nucléaires (
Pôle Technologique Sidi Thabet 2020
Technopark of Sidi Thabet
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Tunisia
Tel (+216) 71 537 410
Fax (+216) 71 537 555
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Website http://www.cnstn.rnrt.tn
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Degree National engineer in analytical chemistry and instrumentation
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
Research Activities An analytical chemist contributing in the development of new radioanalytical techniques and methods fit for purpose for residues contaminants detection. A technical specialist planning for the procurement of new equipments, the introduction of new advanced techniques and the implementation of the quality management system according to the ISO17025: 2005 standard. A technical assistant contribute with the scientists from the entire world, to collaborate with member state experts for knowledge and experience exchange, to improve analytical capabilities and to contribute to problem resolution.

- Scientific investigator of the Research Contract Project signed between the IAEA and the CNSTN (D5.20.36): “Development of Radiometric and Allied Analytical Methods to Strengthen National Residue Control Programs for Antibiotic and Anthelmintic Veterinary Drug Residues”. -National Coordinator of the IAEA-Technical Cooperation RAF/7/007 Project: “Coastal Zone Management, Phase II (AFRA II-11) - Receptor Binding Assay for Harmful Algal Toxins”.
Research Region 2, 3
Skills/Expertise -Harmful algae -Development of new analytical techniques for the detection of marine contaminants'residues in seafood. - Training and technical assistance for fellows from Tunisian universities (research projects and practical sessions).
Comments HANA,

Group(s): HAB
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