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Details of Mr Ron Szymczak   


Gender male
Job title Nuclear & Oceanographic Consultant
Department TRADEWINDS (Australia)
205/4 Boorima Place
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Sea of Azov
Tel + 61 (0)405 630 425
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Degree BSc
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Chemical Oceanography , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Pollution , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Chemical Oceanography , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Pollution
Research Activities Australian Commonwealth Scientific Diving Advisory Committee (1990-99); Torres Strait Baseline Study Management Committee (1992-96); Int’l Tropical River/Ocean Processes in Coastal Settings (TROPICS) Project Steering Committee (1993-01); UN/IAEA Technical Co-operation Expert in Oceanographic Applications of Nuclear Technology (1994+); National Australian Testing Authority (NATA) Specialist Assessment Committee (1994+); Independent International Marine Study Team for Assessment of Nuclear Testing at Mururoa Atoll (1996); CSDC/HOMA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Marine Chemistry (1997-99); France-Australia Marine Science & Technology Ministerial Agreement Committee (2004+); UN/IAEA/RCA Australian National Project Coordinator (2004+); UN/IAEA/CRP Chief Scientific Investigator on Nuclear applications to determine bioaccumulation parameters and processes used for establishing coastal zone monitoring and management criteria (2005+); Member of Editorial Board for international journal Environmental Bioindicators (2006+); Member of Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection [GESAMP] Expert Pool (2007+); Member of Editorial Board for international journal Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management (2008+); Honorary Fellow Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (2008+)

Polish, French, Thai
Research Region Asia-Pacific & North Africa
Skills/Expertise Oceanography; radiochemistry; trace element & stable isotopes; marine biogeochemistry; coastal, oceanic, coral reef ecology; radiotracer technology; ecological risk analysis
Comments The global oceanic flux and biogeochemical cycling of radionuclides, stable elements (C/N/P, heavy metals, rare earths & their isotopes) and associated coastal and oceanic processes - focusing on tropical oceanic, coral reefs and temperate coastal marine systems. Radioecology of nuclides in relation to global environmental processes - dose impact of radiation on marine biota; nutrient/energy flux and structural analysis in estuarine/oceanic food webs. Practical applications address coastal & oceanic fisheries and geophysical resource management, pollution mitigation & meteorology. Strategic & personal management of research teams. Science communication. Remote field situations and development of novel nuclear and isotopic tracer applications, sampling and analytical techniques.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Ron SZYMCZAK)

Szymczak, R. (2012) Tropical Radiochemical Oceanography. In, Tropical Radioecology, (Ed. Twining, J.) Elsevier, Oxford UK. Volume 18 in the Elsevier Series on Radioactivity in the Environment. ISBN 978-0-08-045016-2, p. 121-154.
Szymczak, R. (2012) Application of Stable Isotopes (carbon-13, nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18) and trace elements as tracers of biogeochemical change in the marine environment. Training Manual for IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course, Sri Lanka, 21-30 November 2012, pp. 24.
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