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Details of Prof. Truls Johannessen   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Geohysical Institute
University of Bergen, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ( UiB)
Postboks 7803 Realfagbygget Allégt. 41 Bergen NO-5020
Allegaten 70
Tel +47 55584327
Fax +47 55584330
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Chemical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities Participating in a number of EU and RCN projects on climate and GHG research. At the moment one of the leaders for Ocean Thematic Centre for EU ICOS INFRA project.

Some Franch and German
Research Region 102
Skills/Expertise Global Carbon Cycle, Measurements of ocean physics and chemistry, GHG in an atmospheric, ocean and land system, Climate systems.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Truls JOHANNESSEN)

Olsen, Are ; Wanninkhof, Richard; Triñanes, J.A.; Johannessen, Truls. The effect of wind speed products and wind speed-gas exchange relationships on interannual variability of the air-sea CO2 gas transfer velocity. Tellus. Series B, Chemical and Physical Meteorology 2005;57(2):95-106. Olsson, Anders; Jeansson, E; Anderson, LG; Hansen, B; Eldevik, Tor; Kristiansen, R; Messias, MJ; Johannessen, Truls; Watson, AJ. Intermediate water from the Greenland Sea in the Faroe Bank Channel: spreading of released sulphur hexafluoride. Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers 2005;52. Omar; Abdirahman, Johannessen; Truls, Bellerby; RGJ, Olsen; Are, Anderson, LG, Kivimae; Caroline. Sea-Ice and Brine formation in Storfjorden: Implications for the Arctic Wintertime Air-Sea CO2 flux, in: The Nordic Seas: An integrated Perspective, Geopysical Monograph Series 158, 2005, 177-187. Skjelvan; I, Olsen; A, Anderson; LG, Bellerby; RGJ, Falck; E, Kasajima; Y, Kivimae; C, Omar; A, Rey; F, Olsson; KA, Johannessen; T, Heinze, C. A review of the Inorganic carbon cycle of the Nordic Seas and Barents Sea, The Nordic Seas: An integrated Perspective, Geopysical Monograph Series 158, 2005, 157-175. Olsen, A., A.M. Omar, R.G.J. Bellerby, T. Johannessen, U. Ninnemann, K.R. Brown, K.A Olsson, J. Olafsson, G. Nondal, C. Kivimäe, S. Kringstad, C. Neill, and S. Olafsdottir. Magnitude and Origin of the Anthropogenic CO2 increase and 13C Suess effect in the Nordic Seas Since 1981. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 20, GB3027, doi: 10.1029/2005GB002669, 2006. Kasajima, Y., K.A. Olsson, T. Johannessen, M-J. Messias, E. Jeansson, R.G.J. Bellerby and I. Skjelvan. A submesoscale coherent eddy in the Greenland Sea in 2003. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 111, C07013, doi:10.1029/2005JC003130, 2006. Omar, A. M., T. Johannessen, A. Olsen, S. Kaltin, and F. Rey. Seasonal and interannual variability of the air-sea CO2 flux in the Atlantic sector of the Barents Sea, Marine Chemistry, 104, 203-213, 2007. Messias, M.-J., Watson, A.J., Johannessen, T., Oliver, K.I.C., Olsson, K.A., Fogelqvist, E., Olafsson, J., Bacon, S., Balle, J., Bergman, N., Budéus, G., Danielsen, M., Gascard, J.-C., Jeansson, E., Olafsdottir, S.R., Simonsen, K., Tanhua, T., Van Scoy, K., Ledwell, J. R., 2008, The Greenland Sea Tracer Experiment 1996-2002: horizontal mixing and transport of Greenland Sea Intermediate Water. Progress in Oceanography, 78, 85-105. Chierici M., Olsen A., Johannessen T., Trinanes J., Wanninkhof R., Algorithms to estimate the carbon dioxide uptake in the northern North Atlantic using ship board observations, satellite and ocean analysis data, Deep-Sea Research II, 56, 630?639, 2009. Milutinovic, S., M.J. Behrenfeld, J.A. Johannessen and T. Johannessen, Sensitivity of remote sensing?derived phytoplankton productivity to mixed layer depth: Lessons from the carbon-based productivity model, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, VOL. 23, GB4005, doi:10.1029/2008GB003431, 2009. Nondal, G., R.G. J. Bellerby, A. Olsen, T. Johannessen and J. Olafsson, Optimal evaluation of the surface ocean CO2 system in the northern North Atlantic using data from voluntary observing ships, Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods 7, 109?118, 2009. Takahashi T., S.C. Sutherland, R. Wanninkhof, C. Sweeney, R.A. Feely, D.W. Chipman, B. Hales, G. Friederich, F. Chavez, C. Sabine, A. Watson, D.C.E. Bakker, U. Schuster, N. Metzl, H. Yoshikawa-Inoue, M. Ishii, T. Midorikawa, Y. Nojiri, A. Körtzinger, T. Steinhoffm, M. Hoppema, J. Olafsson, T.S. Arnarson, B. Tilbrook, T. Johannessen, A. Olsen, R. Bellerby, C.S. Wong, B. Delille, N.R. Bates, H.J.W. de Baar, Climatological mean and decadal change in surface ocean pCO2, and net sea?air CO2 flux over the global oceans, Deep-Sea Research II, 56, 554?577, 2009. Jeansson, E., Olsson, K.A., Messias, M.-J., Kasajima, Y., Johannesen, T., 2009a, Evidence of Greenland Sea water in the Iceland Basin, Evidence of Greenland Sea water in the Iceland Basin. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L09605, doi:10.1029/2009GL037988. Watson, A. J., U. Schuster, D. C. E. Bakker, N. R. Bates, A. Corbiere, M. González-Dávila, T. Friedrich, C. Heinze, T. Johannessen, A. Körtzinger, N. Metzl, J. Olafsson, A. Olsen, A. Oschlies, X. A. Padin, B. Pfeil, J. M. Santana-Casiano, T. Steinhoff, M. Telszewski, A. F. Rios, D. W. R. Wallace, and R. Wanninkhof. A network to accurately estimate the North Atlantic sink for CO2, Science, 326, 1391-1393. Omar, A., Olsen, A., Johannessen, T., Hoppema, M., Thomas, H., Borges, AV. Spatiotemporal variations of fCO2 in the North Sea. Ocean Science 2010 (6) s. 77-89. Lauvset S.K., McGillis R.W, Bariteau L, Fairall, C.W., Johannessen, T., Olsen A., Zappa, C.J., Measurements of CO2 flux in the Greenland Sea, 2011. In press, 2011GL047722R, Geophysical Research Letters. E. Jeansson, A. Olsen, T. Eldevik, I. Skjelvan1, A. M. Omar, S. K. Lauvset, J. E. Nilsen, R. G.J. Bellerby, T. Johannessen. The Nordic Seas carbon budget: Sources, sinks and uncertainties

Group(s): IOC , Ocean Sciences
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