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Details of Dr. Sabine Christiansen   


Gender female
Job title Consultant for marine conservation
Nationality Germany
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Degree Dr. rer. nat
Job type Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities Contract-based work (reports, submissions, advocacy, briefings, fact sheets, presentations, background documentation etc) with regards to aspects related to marine biodiversity conservation, primarily marine protected areas selection, management and policy - bridging the science-policy divide: OSPAR-related work to promote the establishment of a network of MPAs: site proposals, justifications and management proposals in territorial waters, EEZ and high seas; EBSA proposals, ecosystem approach in the NEA and EcoQOs, nominations and justification reports, draft OSPAR recommendations for elements on Initial OSPAR List (focus deepwater habitats and fishes); NEAFC related work on deepwater conservation measures, lately the implementation of UN GA 61/105 a.o. CBD related work on high seas MPAs and EBSAs, EC expert workshops (ecosystem approach, EMMA, N2000 guidelines, spatial planning, marine experts) ICES WG Deepwater Ecosystems EU FP5 OASIS project on seamount science and conservation Sargasso Sea case study for a PSSA and Special Area Deepsea mining, International Seabed Authority, InterRidge and national work in Germany Fisheries measures in European and German Natura 2000 sites in the EEZ and coastal waters Good Environmental Status - Descriptors 1 and 4. NGO demands in Germany, MFSD implementation OSPAR CPs Marine Spatial Planning in the German EEZ - demands by WWF Germany Concept study of marine national parks, PAN Parks certification Marine Stewardship Council - sustainability of example certified fisheries Alternative fishing gears EUNIS classification, in part. pelagic classification and complex habitats

French Dutch Spanish
Research Region North East Atlantic, high seas, deep sea
Skills/Expertise scientific background in biological oceanography, marine ecosystems, with research experience North Sea/North Atlantic/Arctic. 15 years experience in international marine conservation work with a focus on offshore, high and deep seas and German waters

Group(s): IOC , OOS
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