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Details of Dr Andreas Albertino Hutahaean   


Gender male
Job title Research Scientist on Marine Biogeochemistry
Department Center for Research of Marine and Coastal Resources
Agency for Research and Development of Marine and Fisheries - KKP Indonesia ( P3TKP)
Gd. BRKP Lt 4 Jl. Pasir Putih I Ancol Timur Jakarta Utara 14430
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +62-21- 647 11 672
Fax +62-21- 647 11 654
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Website http://www.litbang.kkp.go.id
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Degree PhD
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution
Research Activities Working on Marine Biogeochemistry and marine pollution, particularly related to Climate Changes & environmental degradation issues in Tropical waters.

English, Germany and Japanese
Research Region 71, 100, 53, 93, 95
Working languages IndonSpanishia
Skills/Expertise - Experienced with time series analysis used in oceanography. - Experienced with laboratory analysis of nutrients, Chl a, trace metals, POC and PON, etc. - Experienced with several softwares for data processes such as JMP, Kaleida graph, Surfer, Ocean Data View, Ocean Colour, The graph, etc
Comments I am very interest on ocean processes, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles, ocean Productivity.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Andreas HUTAHAEAN)

Hutahaean, A. A, J. Ishizaka, A. Morimoto, N. Horimoto, J. Kanda, T Saino 2010. Construction of Algorithm for Estimating Seasonal Nitrate Profiles in Water Column of Sagami Bay. J. La Meer. 48: 1-16.
Hutahaean, A. A. 2010. Development of Method for Estimating Nitrate Profile and Its Application for Understanding Nitrate Variability in the Sagami Bay, Japan. PhD dissertation. Nagoya University. pp 128.
Hutahaean, A. A, T. Hosaka, D.Takahashi, A. Morimoto, T. Saino. 2010. Variability of Nitrate Concentrations in Sagami Bay in Response to Episodic and Long term Physical Events as inferred from an Underwater Profiling Buoy System. (Submitted to Journal of progress in oceanography).
Hutahaean, A. A, Selvi Makarim, Agus Supangat and Sugiarta Wirasantosa. 2006. The Dynamic of nutrients and water cycles in Lombok Strait, Indonesia. In SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study) Bulletin. Issue 4-Autumn
Hutahaean, A. A and A. Supangat. 2004. The Condition of Nutrients and Primary Production in the Southern Pacific Ocean. In Proceeding of the 13th workshops PAMS / JECSS. Bali- Indonesia
Hutahaean, A. A. and W. Balzar. 2002. Sediments as Archives of Trace Metal Concentrations in Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania. In Proceeding of International Seminar on Technology and Policy on Indonesian Resources Utilization. Hamburg-Germany. Verlag Marburg.
Hutahaean, A. A. 2002. Sediment as An Archive of Heavy Metal Pollution in Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania. Master Thesis. University of Bremen, Germany. pp 75.
Hutahaean, A. A. 2001. The Use Coral Reefs as Indicator of Marine Pollutions and Global Warming Phenomena. In Proceeding of Workshop on Optimization on Use of Indonesian Marine Resources. Hamburg-Germany
Armi, S and Hutahaean, A. A. 2001. The Impacts of Global Climate Change to Indonesian marine resources, study case on Segara Anakan Lagoon and West Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. In Proceeding of Workshop on Optimization on Use of Indonesian Marine Resources. Hamburg-Germany.

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