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Details of Dr. Ferdinand Sporka   


Gender male
Job title head of department
Department Animal ecology
Dubravska cesta 9
Tel +421-2-59302606
Fax +421-2-59302646
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Degree DSc
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Limnology , Limnology
Research Activities zoobenthos, ecology of floodplain water bodies, mountain lakes and streams, structure and dynamics of benthic communities (with special consideration of Oligochaeta), organic matter in sediments
Research Region 14, 2, 3, 36
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Ferdinand SPORKA)

?porka, F., 1982. On find of the branchiate segment worm Branchiura sowerbyi Beddard ( Oligochaeta, Tubificidae) in Slovakia., Vìst. ès. Spoleè. zool. 46: 113-116. ?porka, F., 1983. Chaetogaster diversisetosus sp. n. a new species of Naididae (Oligochaeta) from Czechoslovakia., Vìst. ès. Spoleè. zool. 47: 137-139. Kirka, A., J. Mészaros, ?. Nagy, F. ?porka & M. Vranovský, 1984. Ichtyofauna and its conditions in the Laborec River System., Folia Zoologica 33: 277-288. ?porka, F., 1984. Oligochaetes of the river Bela. Oligochaeta Des Flusses Bela, Ertl, M (ed) In: Limnology of the Belá river. Limnologie des Flusses Belá. Limnológia rieky Belá. Laboratórium-Rybárstva a Hydrobiológie, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia 4: 99-117. Hochman, L., ¼. Kováèik, I. Nemcová , F. ?porka, E. ?tefková & J. Tomajka, 1988. Limnological characteristics of irrigation reservoirs in Southwestern Slovakia, ÈSSR., Práce LRH (Bratislava) 6: 139-180. Krno, I.& F. ?porka, 1991. Some notes on hydrobiological investigations in the Turiec river basin., Acta F.R.N. Univ. Comen.- Zoologia 35: 71-76. Vranovský, M., I. Krno, F. ?porka & J. Tomajka, 1991. Hydrofauna in the Lakes of the Western Tatra Mountains (Slovakia) and Anthropogenic Acidification., Internat. Symposium

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