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Details of Ms. Jodi C Smith   


Gender female
Job title Executive Director
Naked Whale Research ( NaWhaRe)
2504 G Street Suite B Eureka 95501
P.O. Box 93
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 707-267-8587
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Website http://www.nakedwhaleresearch.org
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Degree MSci
Job type Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Our Objectives 1) To create a website for individuals, non-profit and governmental agencies that gives them a dedicated information source for accessing first hand sightings and map of killer whale and marine mammal locations submitted by individuals and researchers along the coastal Northwest. 2) To recruit individuals for Pay to Volunteer assisted data collection for the purpose of: a) Data collection on areas of regular Southern Resident killer whale occurrence, movement patterns, distances traveled offshore, habitat selection, and relationships with spatial/temporal occurrence of prey; b) Data collection on dietary preference of Southern Resident killer whales to confirm importance of Chinook salmon and to identify prey populations of special significance during the winter months.
Research Region 72, 84
Skills/Expertise •Scientific Qualifications and Certifications- · 7 field seasons as Principle Investigator · Cetacean photo-id experience · Hydrophone recording and radio telemetry · Small watercraft (17-22’) vessel operation · 4WD (ATV) vehicle training and operation · Biological Invertebrate lab sample processing · Cetacean necropsy collection experience for histology, virology, toxicology, and genetics · Mist netting and claptrap collection · Programs: MS Word, Access, Excel, Quattro-Pro, SPSS, Cyclopes, TheoProg, PowerPoint. · BOSIET-5700 including HUET, METS, Model 5, and EBS certification (Exp. 25 Aug 2015) · UKOOA (OGUK) cert (Exp. 21 Aug 2013) · Gulf of Mexico NTL and SafeGulf cert (Aug/11) · TWIC (Exp. 22 Apr 2016) · CA Boater Education Card (Feb/10) · MMO, including Sea Turtle ID cert (Aug/11)
Comments Naked Whale Research (NaWhaRe) encourages individuals and marine researchers alike to actively take part in helping create public awareness concerning threats to the long-term survival of the Endangered Southern Resident killer whales, known as J, K, and L pods that frequent waters off the coastal Northwest.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ms. Jodi SMITH)

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Lusseau D , Bain DE , Williams R, Smith JC. 2008. Vessel traffic disrupts the foraging behavior of southern resident killer whales Orcinus orca ESR 6:211-221.
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Smith, JC and DE Bain. 2002. Theodolite Study of Effects of Vessel Traffic on Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in near-shore waters of Washington State, USA. Poster presentation. 4th International Orca Symposium and Workshop, CEBC-CNRS, France, September 23-28,2002.
Smith, JC, K. Balcomb-Bartok and RW Osborne. Entrapment of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) In Dyes Inlet, Washington for Thirty Days. Poster presentation. 14th Biennial Society for Marine Mammalogy Conference, Vancouver, Canada, November 28- December 3,2001.
Bain, DE, JC Smith, R. Williams, and D. Lusseau. Effects of Vessels on Behavior of Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus Spp.). NMFS Contract Report No. AB133F03SE0959 and AB133F04CN0040. March 4, 2006

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