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Details of Mr. Koosha Dab   


Gender male
Job title Senior Expert in Marine Ecology & Head of Ecology Group
Department Ecology
Marine Forecaster Regional Agency for Environmental Protection ( ARPAL)
Via Fontevivo, 21/L La Spezia 19125
Marine Forecaster Regional Agency for Environmental Protection Via Fontevivo, 21/L
La Spezia
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
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Degree MSc.
Job type Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Coral reef studies, ecosystem management, community management, Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs), implementation of CBD's Aichi biodiversity targets and IUCN matrix of protected areas
Research Region 43, 44
Working languages English, PerSinhalaan
Skills/Expertise Conservation of Coral reefs, Environmental impact assessment, marine spatial planning, taxonomy of Scleractinian Corals, Scuba Diving, Underwater photography.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Koosha DAB)

Vajed-Samiei, J. Dab, K. Ghezellou, P. Shirvani, A. [2013] Some Scleractinian Corals (Class: Anthozoa) of Larak Island, Persian Gulf, Zootaxa, 3636 (1): 101?143
Feary, D.A. AlHazeem, S. Abdel-Moati, M. Al-Khalifa, K. Anderson, D. Amos, C. Baker, A. Bartholomew, A. Bauman, A. Bento, R. Burt, J. Cavalcante, G. Chen, A. Coles, S. Dab, K. George, D. Grandcourt, E. Hill, R. John, D. Jones, D. Keshavmurthy, S. Mahmoud, H. Moradi Och Tapeh, M. Ghavam Mostafavi, P. Naser, H. Pichon, M. Purkis, S. Riegl, B. Samimi-Namin, K. Sheppard. C. Vajed Samiei, J. Voolstra, C. Wiedenmann, J. [2013] Critical questions for understanding future changes in the Gulf marine ecosystem. Accepted 28 Jan 2013, Marine Pollution Bulletin (special issue)
Vajed Samiei, J. Dab, K. Abtahi, B. [2012] Short Term Growth Rate of Acropora downingi in the Coral Reef of Hengam Island, the Persian Gulf. Journal of the Persian Gulf, 3 (8) :49-54

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