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Details of Mr Eric Ochieng OKUKU   


Gender male
Job title Research Scientist
Department Marine and Ecology
Box 81651,
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +254726215339
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Degree Msc
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Pollution , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution
Research Activities Biogeochemitry and Pollution
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Nutrients, metal and radionuclides work, in relation to pollution. Ecotoxicology and generally Biogeochemistry
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Eric OKUKU)

Wanjeri, V.O. Okuku, E.O. Ohowa, B.O. Kosore, C.M. Ongore, C.O. (2013) An insight into ecotoxicological significance of PAHs contamination in selected Kenyan estuaries Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources 2, 157-166
Okuku, E.O. Peter, H.K. (2012) Choose of Heavy Metals Pollution Biomonitors: A Critic of the Method that uses Sediments total Metals Concentration as the Benchmark International Journal of Environmental Research 6, 313-322
Mwangi, S. Okuku, E.O. Wanjeri, V. Okumu, S. Kiteresi, L. Mkono, M. Ohowa, B.O. (2012) The Influence of Land Based Activities on the Phytoplankton Communities of Shimoni-Vanga system, Kenya International Journal of Environmental Research 6, 151-162

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