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Details of Ms. Donna Marie Kocak   


Gender female
Job title Advanced Programs Engineer
Department Space and Intelligence Systems
HARRIS Corporation (
Mail Stop 25-11E PO Box 37 Melbourne 32902-0037
HARRIS Corporation Mail Stop 25-11E PO Box 37
United States
Tel 321-729-2808
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ms. Donna KOCAK)

Kocak, D.M., Editor, MTS OOS Committee, ?A Worldwide Survey of Recent Ocean Observatory Activities: 2014 Update,? ON&T, pp 16-23, August 2014
Kocak, D.M., Editor, Special issue: State of Marine Technology in 2013, MTS Journal, 47(5), Sept/Oct 2013
Kocak, D.M. and A.M. Clark, ?Motivations and Methods for Modern Maritime Communications,? MTS Journal, 47(5):1-15, 2013
Kocak, D.M. and F. Fish, Editors, Special issue: Biomimetics and Marine Technology, MTS Journal, 45(4), July/Aug 2011
Kocak, D.M. and F.M. Caimi, ?The Current Art of Underwater Imaging ? With a Glimpse of the Past and Vision of the Future,? MTS Journal, 39(3):5-26, 2005
Hotaling, L. and D.M. Kocak, Editors, Special issue: Ocean Sensors for Ecosystems, Climate and Hazard Monitoring, MTS Journal, 49(3), May/June 2015
Kocak, D.M. and R. Crout, Editors, Special issue: State of Marine Technology in 2008, MTS Journal, 42(1), 2008
Kocak, D.M., F.R. Dalgleish, F.M. Caimi, Y.Y. Schechner, ?A Focus on Recent Developments and Trends in Underwater Imaging,? MTS Journal, 42(1):52-67, 2008
Clark, A.M. and D.M. Kocak, ?On the Need, Development and Operation of Joint Use Commercial-Scientific Ocean Observing Systems,? presented at MTS/IEEE OCEANS, 2008
Kocak, D.M., contributing author, book chapter titled Underwater Imaging: Photographic, Digital and Video Techniques, Subsea Optics and Imaging, J. Watson and O. Zielinski, eds., Woodhead Publishing Limited, November 2013
Caimi, F.M., D.M. Kocak, F.R. Dalgleish, J. Watson, ?Underwater Optics and Imaging: Recent Advances?, MTS/IEEE OCEANS, 2008
Kocak, D.M., F.M. Caimi, J.F. Justak, ?An Acousto-Optic Technique for Measuring Cryogenic Flow,? presented at 42nd AIAAASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Prop. Conf., 2006
Clark, A.M., D.M. Kocak, K. Martindale, A. Woodroffe, ?Numerical Modeling and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Undersea Networks, Ocean Observatories and Offshore Communications Backbones,? presented at MTS/IEEE OCEANS, 2009
Clark, A.M. and D.M. Kocak, ?Installing Undersea Networks and Ocean Observatories: The CSnet Offshore Communications Backbone?, presented at MTS/IEEE OCEANS11
Kocak, D.M., H. Painter, G. Anderson, ?Design and Analysis of a Seabed Electrode System for an Undersea Cabled Observatory with Seawater Ground?, presented at MTS/IEEE OCEANS, 2011

Group(s): IOC
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