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Details of Prof. Byung-Gul Lee   


Gender male
Job title Professor,Director,President
Department Dept. Of Civil Engineering
Jeju National Univ.,Jeju Sea Grant Center,Korea Sea Grant Association
Korea Rep
Regions Sea of Azov
Nationality Korea Rep
Tel +82-64-754-3455
Fax +82-64-725-2519
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Marine and Coastal Engineering , Marine and Coastal Engineering
Research Activities Data Analysis and Coastal Management for Korea Coastal Zone. a member of DBCP Capacity Building.
Research Region 54
Skills/Expertise Data analysis, Numerical Modelling, Remote Sensing/GIS
Comments I am working in Jeju University as a professor & Korea Sea Grant Association President & Jeju Sea Grant Center Director. Now, President, Korean Society for Geospatial Information Science.

Group(s): IOC , IODE , JCOMM , Observations Programme Area (OPA) , Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) , DBCP Action Groups , DBCP-PICES North Pacific Data Buoy Advisory Panel (NPDBAP) , DBCP Task Team on Capacity Building (TT-CB) , JCOMM-4 , JCOMM-4 attendees , DBCP Working Group on data buoy Vandalism
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