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Details of Dr. Hayley Cawthra   


Gender female
Job title Senior Geologist
Department Marine Geoscience Unit
Council for Geoscience, Western Cape Region (
3 C/O Oos and Reed Streets Bellville 7535
Council for Geoscience, Western Cape Region 3 C/O Oos and Reed Streets
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel +27 (21) 943 6700 / 6715
Fax +27 (21) 946 4190
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Website http://www.geoscience.org.za/
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Degree M.Sc., Pr. Sci. Nat.
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Marine Geology, Geophysics , Marine Geology, Geophysics
Research Activities My research interests include various aspects of Quaternary geology and glacio-eustatic sea levels (in particular submerged aeolianite/beachrock complexes; carbonate diagenesis; shoreface-attached ridges and the Holocene sediment wedge, and the regional interpretation sub-seafloor continental shelf geology by the application of sequence stratigraphy). These studies are carried out by the integration of stratigraphic relationships between units using high-resolution geophysical data and complimentary geological mapping offshore by SCUBA diving.
Research Region 70
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Experienced in the use of multibeam bathymetry, side-scan sonar, seismic profiling systems and a qualified scientific diver; Computer skills include the use of geophysical post-processing software, GIS systems; Seafloor sedimentological studies; Geological modelling of the shelf environment
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Hayley CAWTHRA)

Fisher, E. C., Albert, R-M., Botha, G. A., Cawthra, H. C., Esteban, I., Harris, J., Jacobs, Z., Jerardino, A., Marean, C. W., Neumann, F. H., Pargeter, J., Poupart, M., Venter, J., 2013. Archaeological Reconnaissance for Middle Stone Age Sites along the Pondoland Coast, South Africa. Palaeoanthropology. 104-137. doi:10.4207/PA.2013.ART82
Roberts, D. L., Cawthra, H. C., Musekiwa, C., 2013. Dynamics of late Cenozoic aeolian deposition along the South African coast: A record of evolving climate and ecosystems. In: Martini, I. P., Wanless, H. R. (Eds.) Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes: Similarities and Differences. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 388. doi:10.1144/SP388.11
Cawthra, H. C., Uken, R., 2012. Modern beachrock formation in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. South African Journal of Science 108 (7/8), 84-88. http:// dx.doi.org/10.4102/sajs. v108i7/8.935
Cawthra, H. C., Neumann, F. H., Uken, R., Smith, A. M., Guastella, L., Yates, A. M., 2012. Sedimentation on the narrow (8 km wide), oceanic current-influenced continental shelf off Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Marine Geology 323-325, 107-122. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.margeo.2012.08.001
Cawthra, H. C., 2012. The Cenozoic evolution of the Durban Bluff and adjacent continental shelf. Council for Geoscience Bulletin 142, Pretoria, South Africa. 119 pp.
Cawthra, H. C., Uken, R., Oveckhina, M., 2012. New insights into the geological evolution of the Bluff Ridge and adjacent Blood Reef, Durban, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology 115(3), 291-308. doi:10.2113/gssajg.115.3.291
Cawthra, H. C., Bateman, M. D., Carr, A. S., Compton, J. S., Holmes, P. J., 2014. Understanding Late Quaternary change at the land?ocean interface: a synthesis of the evolution of the Wilderness coastline, South Africa. . Quaternary Science Reviews 99(1), 210-223.

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