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Details of Mr Aké Lazare ABE   


Gender male
Job title Research Analyst in maritime affairs
Côte d'Ivoire
04 BP 2159 Abidjan 04
Nationality Cote D'Ivoire
Tel +22523508865
Fax +22520223088
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Degree MSci
Job type Decision Making & Policy
Research Area(s) Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities • Advising the general director in policy and legal matters regarding maritime transportation and marine environment. • Study and analysis of different issues related to marine environment in collaboration with experts of the Ministry of Environment, in particular regarding:  The national Action Plan of the Guinea Current large marine ecosystem (GCLME);  The drafting of the national water policy;  The draft revision of the Environment code;  The draft regulation on the law on chemical products and biocides in the global framework of the Rotterdam convention on pesticides and industrial chemicals, 1998;  The air pollution by ships and oil plate forms.
Skills/Expertise Maritime law and policy

Group(s): IOC
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