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Details of Dr. Òscar Guadayol   


Gender male
Job title Postdoctoral research fellow
Department Physical Ecology Group, School of Life Sciences
University of Hull (
Cottingham Road Hull HU6 7RX
Joseph Banks Laboratories Green Lane
Regions Sea of Azov
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Website http://oscar.guadayol.cat
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Òscar GUADAYOL)

Guadayol, Ò., Peters, F., Marrasé, C., Gasol, J.M., Roldán, C., Berdalet, E., Massana, R., Sabata, A. 2009. Episodic meteorological and nutrient load events as drivers of coastal ecosystem dynamics: a time series analysis. Marine Ecology Progress Series 381: 139-151.
Guadayol, Ò., Peters, F., Stiansen, J.E., Marrasé, C., Lohrmann, A. 2009. Evaluation of oscillating grids and orbital shakers as means to generate isotropic and homogeneous small-scale turbulence in laboratory enclosures commonly used in plankton studies. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 7:287-303.
Simó, R., Vila-Costa, M., Alonso-Sáez, L., Cardelús, C., Guadayol, Ò., Vázquez-Domínguez, E., Gasol, J.M. 2009. Annual DMSP contribution to S and C fluxes through phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in a NW Mediterranean coastal site. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 57: 43-55.
Masaló, I., Guadayol, Ò., Peters, F., Oca, J. 2008. Analysis of sedimentation and resuspension processes of aquaculture biosolids using an oscillating grid. Aquacultural Engineering. Aquacultural Engineering. 38: 135-144. 2010 Honorable Mention Paper Award of the 2010 Aquaculture Engineering Society Awards.
Bolli, L., Llaveria, G., Garcés, E., Guadayol, Ò., van Lenning, K., Peters, F., Berdalet, E. 2007. Modulation of ecdysal cyst and toxin dynamics of two Alexandrium (Dinophyceae) species under small-scale turbulence. Biogeosciences 4: 559-567.
Guadayol, Ò., Peters, F. 2006. Analysis of wind events in a coastal area: a tool for assessing turbulence variability for studies on plankton. Scientia Marina 70: 9-20.
Sala, M.M., Arin, L., Balagué, V., Felipe, J., Guadayol, Ò., Vaqué D. 2005. Functional diversity of bacterioplankton assemblages in western Antarctic seawaters during late spring. Marine Ecology Progress Series 292: 13-21.
Malits, A., Peters, F., Bayer?Giraldi, M., Marrasé, C., Zoppini, A., Guadayol, Ò., Alcaraz, M. 2004. Effects of small-scale turbulence on bacteria: A matter of size. Microbial Ecology 48: 287-299.
Pinhassi, J., Sala, M.M., Havskum, H., Peters, F., Guadayol. Ò., Malits, A., Marrasé, C. 2004. Changes in bacterioplankton composition under different phytoplankton regimes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 70: 6753-6766.
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Guadayol, Ò., Roldán, C., Peters, F., Berdalet, E., Sabata, A., Marrasé, C. 2009. Episodic meteorological and nutrient load events as drivers of coastal ecosystem dynamics: an experimental simulation. Journal of Plankton Research 31(6): 583-600.
Berdalet, E., Peters, F., Koumandou, V., Roldán, C., Guadayol, Ò., Estrada, M. 2007. Species-specific physiological response of dinoflagellates to quantified small-scale turbulence. Journal of Phycology 43 (5), 965?977.
Iversen, K. K., Primicerio, R., Larsen, A., Egge, J.K., Peters, F., Guadayol, Ò. Jacobsen, A., Havskum, H., Marrasé, C. 2010. Effects of small-scale turbulence on lower trophic levels under different nutrient conditions. Journal of Plankton Research. 32(2): 197-208.
Vaqué, D., Guadayol, Ò., Peters, F., Felipe, J., Malits, A., Pedrós-Alió, C. 2009. Differential response of grazing and bacterial heterotrophic production to experimental warming in Antarctic waters. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 54(1): 101-102.

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