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Details of Dr. María Valeria Retana   


Gender female
Job title Marine Biologist
Centro Nacional Patagónico-CONICET ( CENPAT)
Bvd. Brown 2915 Puerto Madryn U9120ACD
Centro Nacional Patagónico-CONICET Bvd. Brown 2915
Puerto Madryn
Regions Black Sea
Nationality Argentina
Tel 54 280 4883184
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Degree Postdoctoral Student
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities I am a postdoctoral student that works at Center for the Study of Marine Systems - CCT CENPAT - National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CESIMAR - CCT CENPAT - CONICET). For 20 years I have worked as field assistance in several projects on seabird and marine mammal’s ecology and conservation in Patagonia, Argentina. Since 2008 I have focused on the study of biogeography of top predators in the Patagonian gulfs using bioinformatics tools (databases of free access, geographic information systems and species distribution models). It also actively participated in the entry of geo-referenced records of marine species in OBIS and the incorporation of oceanographic data in IABIN and SNDM (http://www.datosdelmar.mincyt.gob.ar/). My guidance is based on marine data management, metadata generation, collection, approval and incorporation of biological and environmental information database and analysis of that information for, by using ArcGIS and Maxent, distribution models of marine species for conservation purposes. Currently, I'm working on marine hydroacoustic (Coriolis II, February 2014) for the purpose of soundscapes studies under the Pampa Azul project.
Research Region 70
Working languages Spanish, English
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. María RETANA)

Suarez N., Retana M.V. and Yorio P. [2014] Effect of Feeding Technique and Prey Characteristics on the Feeding Rate of Olrog's Gulls (Larus atlanticus). Waterbirds, 37,79-87
Retana M.V., Guzmán J. and M. Lewis [2013]. Breeding habitat preferences of southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) on Península Valdés. Aquatic Mammals, 39(3), 233-240
Suárez N., Retana M. V. & P. Yorio [2012]. The influence of feeding technique and food source characteristics on the feeding rate of the threatened Olrog?s gull. Journal of Field Ornithology, 153, 861 - 871.
Yorio P., Marinao C., Retana M. V. and Suárez N. [2012]. Differential use of food resources between syntopic Kelp Gulls (Larus dominicanus) and Olrog's Gulls (L. atlanticus) in coastal Argentina. Ardeola.
Suárez N., Retana M. V. & P. Yorio (2011). Diet composition and seasonal changes in prey selection in the threatened Olrog´s gull (Larus atlanticus) breeding in northern Patagonia, Argentina. Ardeola.
Miloslavich P., Klein E., Castillo J., Díaz J. M., Hernández C., Bigatti G., Campos L., Artigas F., Penchaszadeh P., Neill P., Carranza A., Retana M. V., Díaz de Astarloa J. M., Lewis M., Yorio P., Piriz M. L., Rodriguez D., Yoneshigue-Valentin Y., Gamboa L. A. P., Martín A. (2011). Marine Biodiversity in the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of South America: Knowledge and Gaps. Plos ONE.
Retana, M. V. & F. Quintana. (2009). Comportamiento de buceo y variación inter e intra específica del ciclo respiratorio en tres especies de cormoranes patagónicos. El Hornero.

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