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Details of Mr. Buzz Owen   


Gender male
Job title Retired
P.O. Box 601, Gualala, California 95445 USA
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel USA (707) 884-3388
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Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Collecting Haliotis, diving for Haliotis, intensely studying and writing papers about Haliotis. Trying to find out more about Haliotis pustulata in the Gulf of Aden to Yemen area.

Estoy interesado en el coleccionar y el estudio de todos los especies del abulón que se encuentren en el mundo, pero especialmente el estudio de Haliotis pustulata en el Gulfo de Aden, y Yemen.
Research Region 102
Working languages English, Spanish
Skills/Expertise I have studied and collected abalone (genus Haliotis) for 61 years. I have a collection that is almost certainly the most complete in the world. I worked for 14 years in a shellfish hatchery working with Haliotis. I have written over 60 papers on Haliotis that have been published in a number of journals.
Comments Those who know of me will probably tell you that I am the most knowledgeable person on the alpha taxonomy of genus Haliotis in the world today. This is only due to the intense study and collecting of family Haliotidae for over 61 years.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Buzz OWEN)

Owen, B. [2007] A Photo Study and Brief Description of the Little-Known Abalone: Haliotis unilateralis Lamarck,1822, and Designation of H. barbouri Foster, 1946, as a Junior Synonym.
Owen, B. [2006] A Photo Study and Brief Review of the Tropical American Haliotis, and Proposed Reclassification of Haliotis aurantium Simone, 1998.
Owen, B. [2006] The Correct identity of the Type Lot of Haliotis speciosa Reeve, 1846, and Proposed Appropriate Nomenclatural Changes to Reflect this Discovery.

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