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Details of Dr Ian A Knuckey   


Gender male
Job title Director
Department Fishwell Consulting
Fishwell Consulting (
22 Bridge St Queenscliff 3225
27 Hesse St
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +61 3 5258 4399
Fax +61 3 5258 4399
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Website http://www.fishwell.com.au
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Region Australasia
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Fishwell Consulting encourages and promotes sustainable and efficient commercial and recreational fishing practices. Our specific areas of expertise include: •Fisheries biology (finfish, crustaceans, molluscs) •Population dynamics and stock assessment •Survey Design and implementation •Empowering industry in R&D •Industry development projects •Statistical analysis •Technical Analysis of Data •Coordinate Vessels and Research Teams •Industry liaison and extension •Project Management •Biometry
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Ian KNUCKEY)

Knuckey, I.A. and C.J.T. Ashby. (2009). Effects of Trawling Subprogram: Maximising yields and reducing discards in the South East Trawl Fishery through gear development and evaluation.. FRDC Project 1998/204. Fisheries Victoria ? Fisheries Research Branch 279pp.
Smith D.C., Punt A.E., Dowling N.A., Smith A.D.M., Tuck, G.N., Knuckey, I.A., (2009). Reconciling approaches to the assessment and management of data-poor species and fisheries with Australia's Harvest Strategy Policy. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 1:244-254.
Bergh, M., Knuckey, I., Gaylard, J., Martens, K., and Koopman, M. (2009). A revised sampling regime for the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery- Final Report. AFMA Project F2008/0627. OLRAC and Fishwell Consulting, 242pp.
Robinson, N., Skinner, A., Sethuraman, L., McPartlan, H., Murray, N., Knuckey, I., Smith, D., Hindell, J. and S. Talman. (2008). Genetic stock structure of blue-eye trevalla (Hyperoglyphe antarctica) and the warehous (Seriolella brama and Seriolella punctata) in south-eastern Australian waters. Marine and Freshwater Research 59(6): 502?514.
Knuckey, I. Bergh, M., Bodsworth, A., Koopman M. and Gaylard J. (2008). Review of the Draft Harvest Strategy for the Commonwealth Small Pelagic Fishery. AFMA Project R2008/843. Fishwell Consulting, 80pp.
Smith, A.D.M., Smith, D.C. Tuck, G.N. Klaer, N. Punt, A.E. Knuckey, I.A. Prince, J. Morison, A. Kloser, R. Haddon, M. Wayte, S. Day, J. Fay, G. Pribac, F. Fuller, M. Taylor, B. Little L.R. (2008). Experience in Implementing Harvest Strategies in Australia?s South-Eastern Fisheries. Fisheries Research 94(3): 373-379.
Knuckey, Ian A. & Gason, Anne S. (2006). Assessing the feasibility of an industry-based fishery-independent survey of the South East Fishery. FRDC Project No. 2002/072. Fishwell Consulting, Queenscliff, Vic. 55pp.
Piasente, M., I. A. Knuckey, S. Eayrs and P. E. McShane (2004). In situ examination of the behaviour of fish in response to demersal trawl nets in an Australian trawl fishery. Marine and Freshwater Research 55(8): 825?835.
Cui, G., Bax, N.J., Punt, A.E. and Knuckey, I.A. (2001). Estimating gill-net selectivity for five species caught in South east Fishery, Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research 52:691-9.
Knuckey, I.A. (1999). Mud crab (Scylla serrata) population dynamics in the Northern Territory, Australia and their relationship to the commercial fishery. PhD thesis, Northern Territory University. 249 pp.
Knuckey, I.A. (1996). Maturity in male mud crabs, Scylla serrata (Forskål) and use of mating scars as a functional indicator. Journal of Crustacean Biology 16(3):487-495.
Knuckey, I.A. (1995). Settlement of Pinctada maxima and other bivalves on artificial collectors in the Timor Sea, northern Australia. Journal of Shellfish Biology, 14 (2): 411-416.
McShane, P.E., Gorfine, H.K. and Knuckey, I.A. (1994). Factors influencing food selection in the abalone Haliotus rubra (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 176: 27-37.
Moulton, P.L., Saddlier, S.R., and Knuckey, I.A. (1989). New time-at-liberty record set by tagged school shark Galeorhinus galeus caught off Southern Australia. North American Journal of Fish Management. 9:254-255.
Dowling, N.A., D.C. Smith, I. Knuckey, A.D.M. Smith, P. Domaschenz, H.M. Patterson, and W. Whitelaw. 2008. Developing harvest strategies for low-value and data-poor fisheries: Case studies from three Australian fisheries. Fisheries Research 94(3): 380-390.
Peel, D., Bravington, M. V., Kelly, N., Wood, S. N. and Knuckey, I., 2013. A model-based approach to designing a fishery-independent survey. Journal of Agricultural Biological and Environmental Statistics, 18 (1), pp. 1-21.

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