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Details of Ms Anne Shaffer   


Gender female
Job title Marine Biologist
Coastal Watershed Institute ( CWI)
P.O.Bx 2263 Port Angeles 98362
Coastal Watershed Institute P.O.Bx 2263
Port Angeles
United States
Tel 360.809.3092
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Website http://www.coastalwatershedinstitute.org
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ms Anne SHAFFER)

Shaffer, J. A. M. Beirne, T. Ritchie, R. Paradis, D. Barry, and P. Crain. 2009 Fish habitat use response to anthropogenic induced changes of physical processes in the Elwha estuary, Washington, USA Hydrobiologia 636:179-190
Shaffer, Anne, Eric Beamer, Liz Duffy, Kurt Fresh, Sayre Hodgson, Doris Small, Jason Toft, Tina Wyllie-Echeverria, and Fran Soloman 2009. Salmon in the nearshore Salish Sea: What do we know and where do we now go? A synthesis of key findings and recommendations. In Proceedings, 2009 Puget Sound Georgia Basin Research Conference. Puget Sound Partnership. Olympia, Washington
Shaffer, J.A, P. Crain, B. Winter, M. McHenry, C. Lear and T. Randle. 2008. Nearshore Restoration of the Elwha River Through Removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams: An Overview. Northwest Science. 82:48-58.
Norris, J, I. Ward, A. Shaffer and C. Lear 2007. Eelgrass mapping of the Elwha Nearshore. in Proceedings, Puget Sound Georgia Basin Conference , Puget Sound Water Quality Authority, Olympia Washington.
Shaffer, J.A.2004. Water quality as a contemporary limiting factor to Olympia oyster (Ostreloa conchaphila) restoration in Washington state. In T.W. Droscher and D.A. Fraser (eds). Proceedings of the 2003 Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Research Conference. http://www.psat.wa.gov/03_proceedings/start.htm
Shaffer, J.A.2004. Preferential use of nearshore kelp habitats by juvenile salmon and forage fish. In T.W. Droscher and D.A. Fraser (eds). Proceedings of the 2003 Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Research Conference. http://www.psat.wa.gov/03_proceedings/start .html
Shaffer, J. A. and J. Wray, B. Charles, V.Cooke, E. Grinnell, C. Morganroth, L.M. Morganroth, M. Peterson, V. Riebe, A. Smith. 2004. Native American traditional and contemporary knowledge of the northern Olympic Peninsula nearshore. Coastal Watershed Institute, Port Angeles Washington. Shaffer,J.A. 2002. Macroalgae blooms and nearshore habitat and resources of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In: Proceeding, Puget Sound Research 2001. Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team, Olympia, Washington. http://www.psat.wa.gov/01_proceedings/start.htm Cook, A., J. A. Shaffer, B. Dumbauld, and B. Kauffman. 2000. A plan for rebuilding stocks of Olympia oyster (Ostreola conchaphila carpenter 1857) in Washington state. Journal of Shellfish Resarch. 18 (1). 409-412. Shaffer, J.A. 2000. Seasonal variation in understory kelp bed habitats of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Journal of Coastal Research. 16 (3) 768-775. Shaffer, J.A. and C. Burge. 1999. Ulvoid mats and shellfish of the Strait of Juan de Fuca: a pilot study. Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association Bulletin. (32) 56-59. Shaffer, J.A.1998. Kelp habitats of Inland Waters of Western Washington. Puget Sound Research 98. Puget Sound Watershed Action Team, Olympia, Washington. Shaffer, J. A., D. Doty, R. Buckley and J. West 1995. Community Composition and Trophic Use of Drift Vegetation Habitat by Juvenile Splitnose Rockfish, Sebastes diploproa. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 123 (1-3). Shaffer, J. A. and D. S. Parks 1994. Seasonal Variations in and Observations of Landslide Impacts on the Algal Composition of a Puget Sound Nearshore Kelp Forest. Botanica Marina. 37: 315-323.
Shaffer,J.A., D. Penttila, M. McHenry and D. Vilella.2007. Observations of Eulachon, Thaleichthys pacificus, in the Elwha River, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Northwest Science.81(1):76-81

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