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Details of Mr Paul Fredrick Holthus   


Gender male
Job title Founding CEO and President
World Ocean Council ( WOC)
3035 Hibuscus Drive, Suite 1 Honolulu 96815
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 1 808 277-9008
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Degree MA
Job type Institutional Management
Research Activities Developing international industry leadership alliance for ocean sustainability, stewardship ad science
Research Region 102
Working languages English, French
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Paul HOLTHUS)

Holthus, P. 2009. Industry leadership in governance and sustainable use of the high seas. Océanis 35 (1-2): 271-276. Towards a New Governance of High Seas Biodiversity.
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Holthus, P.F. 1999. Sustainable Development Of Oceans And Coasts: The Role Of The Private Sector. UN Natural Resources Forum Journal. Vol 23 (2):169-176.

Group(s): IODE , OBIS Science Advisory Task Team
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