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Details of Mr. Christopher H. Pickerell   


Gender male
Job title Habitat Restoration Specialist
Department Marine
Cornell University (
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 220 Hollister Hall Ithaca NY 14853
3690 Cedar Beach Rd, Southold, New York 11971
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel (631) 852-8660
Fax (631) 852-8662
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Website http://www.seagrassli.org, http://seagrassli.blogspot.com/
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Degree MSci
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management , Extension Services (Public Awareness) , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Planning, design and implementation of seagrass restoration projects. Development and testing of new seagrass planting efforts.
Research Region 36
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Seagrass management and restoration. Development of new seagrass planting methods using both seeds and transplants
Comments I am interesting in finding opportunities for international collaboration on research and restoration of seagrasses.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Christopher PICKERELL)

Pickerell, C.H., S. Schott and S. Wyllie-Echeverria. [2005] Buoy-deployed seeding: Demonstration of a new eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) planting method. Ecological Engineering 25:127-136.

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