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Details of Dr Maha Ahmed Abdallah   


Gender female
Job title Associate Prof
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Egypt
Tel +20107205032
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Pollution , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution
Research Activities conducting researches including the monitoring and studying the different sources of pollution along the Egyptian coast especially heavy metals and the bioaccumulation of metals in plants and fish, Also the risk assessment of the pollutants on marine organism and therefore human health, the remediation of sites contaminated by metals.
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise 1. Experience in assessing the efficiency of the work of sewage treatment plants (primary and secondary treatment). 2. Experience in the work of sequential chemical fractionation of trace elements and heavy metals in the surface sediment and to identify the picture that there is a component of the mineral deposits and the potential to address. And also enrich the accumulation of heavy metals in sediments. 3. Experience in the calculation and the study of the budget of the nutrient salts, and also the pollutants through the expense of both the expected and the actual load concentrations of these elements transmitted by sewage and anthropogenic sources into water bodies and then into the sea. 4. Experience in identifying the chemical composition, metal content, and trace elements necessary for human nutrition in the marine plants that could be used as supplementary food to help meet and the recommended daily requirements of minerals and rare elements necessary for human nutrition.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Maha ABDALLAH)

16- Abdallah, M. A. M. 2010. Assess the risk of eutrophication by phosphorus in surface sediment using the sequential extraction in shallow lake, Egypt. (in press)
15- Abdallah, M.A.M. and Abd-Allah, M. A. 2009. Estimation of Mercury Intake from Fish in the Coasts of Alexandria (SE Mediterranean Sea), Egypt. (in press)
11- Abdallah, M.A.M., 2008 .Trace element levels in some commercially valuable fish species from coastal waters of Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. Journal of Marine Systems. Vol. 73, No. 1-2,114-122. 12- Abdallah, M.A.M and Abdallah, A.M., 2008. Biomonitoring Study of Heavy Metals in Biota and Sediments in the Southern Coast of Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Vol. 146, No. 1-3, November 2008: 139-145.
9- Abdallah, M.A.M., 2007. The Distribution and Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Semi-enclosed Basin Southeastern Mediterranean Sea, Egypt. Mediterranean Marine Science. Vol. 8, No. 1, 31-40. 10- Abdallah, M.A.M and Abdallah, A.M.A., 2007. Marine Security of Hazardous Chemical Cargo. The 9th Arab International Conference on Material Science “Materials and Maritime Transport”. Arab Academy of Science&Technology and Maritime Transport. 18-20, January, 2007. Palestine Hotel, El-Montazah, p179-190.
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2- El-Rayis O.A. and Abdallah, M.A.M. 2006. Contribution of Some Trace Elements from an Egyptian Huge Drain to the Mediterranean Sea, West of Alexandria. Mediterranean Marine Science. Vol 7, No. 1, 79-86.
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1- Abdallah, A.M.A. , Abdallah, M.A.M and Beltagi, A.H., 2005. Contents of Heavy Metals in marine Seaweeds from the Egyptian Coast of the Red Sea. Chemistry and Ecology. Vol. 21, No. 5, October 2005, 399-411.
13- Abdallah, M.A.M., 2008. Chemical composition, mineral content and heavy metals of some Marine Seaweeds from Alexandria Coast, Egypt: potential uses. Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, Vol. 34 No. 2, 2008: 84-94. 14- Abdallah, M.A.M., 2008. Trace metal behavior in Mediterranean-climate coastal Bay: El-Mex Bay, Egypt, and its Coastal Environment. Global Journal of Environmental Research 2 (1): 23-29, 2008

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