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Details of Dr. Liana Talaue-McManus   


Gender female
Job title Scientist
Department Independent Scientist
1432 NW 132ND AVE
Regions Black Sea
Sea of Azov
Tel +1 954 438 0808
Fax +1 954 438 0808
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Degree Ph.D. Oceanography
Job type Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities Examining human dimensions of natural resource use and conservation in coastal and marine ecosystems, such as in fisheries and tourism
Research Region 35, Southeast Asia, USA
Skills/Expertise Integrated Coastal Management, Marine Policy Analysis, Watershed Management, Coral Reef Management
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Liana TALAUE-MCMANUS)

Talaue-McManus, L. 2011. Annex III. Assessing Cross-Cutting Socioeconomic Indicators for Transboundary Water Ecosystems, pp. 51-58. In: L. Jeftic, P. Glennie, L. Talaue-McManus, and J.A. Thornton (Eds.). Volume 1. Methodology and Arrangements for the GEF Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme, United Nations Environment Programme, xii + 64 pp.
Talaue-McManus, L. 2010. Examining human impacts on global biogeochemical cycling via the coastal zone and ocean margins. In: Liu, K. K., L. Atkinson, R. Quiñones and L. Talaue-McManus (eds) . Carbon and nutrient fluxes in continental margins: a global synthesis. Global Change: The IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Project) Series. Springer-Verlag
Talaue-McManus, L. 2010. Coastal Futures and Ocean Observing Initiatives. Proceedings of the “OceanObs ’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society” Conference (Vol. 2), Venice, Italy, 21-25 September 2009, Hall, J., Harrison, D. E. and Stammer, D., Eds., ESA Publication WPP-306, 2010.
Talaue-McManus, L. Chapter 8. Pressures on Rural Coasts in the Asia-Pacific Region. In: Nick Harvey (ed.) Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management. The Asia-Pacific Region. Springer, Dordrecht, 2006, xii + 339 pp.

Group(s): IOC
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