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Details of Dr. Attaala Muhaysin Ali   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Marine Biology
Hadhramout University ( HUST)
Yemen - Mukalla - University complex in Foa Mukalla
Astrakhan/ Krasnoarmeeskaya 29a Kv. 28
Tel 00967 733169382
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Attaala ALI)

Mohamed S. El-Mashjary, Attaala M. Ali . 2012. The effect of environmental conditions on coral reef habitat in Balhaf Bay, Gulf of Aden, Yemen. Journal of Advanced Research (2010) 1, 221?225Ali Attaala M. and L. A. Jawad. 2012. Larval Development of the Cyprinid Fish Barbus sharpeyi (Gunther, 1874). J. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sci. 7 (5): 307-319 DOI: 10,3923/jfas.2012.307.319
? Atalla, M. Ali & Salman; A. J. 1992; Artificial spawning of freshwater fishes from Iraq-Bunni (Barbus sharpey) and Gattan (B. xanthopterus). Special paper submitted & honored Saddam Prize for Agricultural Researches in 1992. ? Bazar S. R.; Mohamed S. Al-Mashjary & Ali, Attaala M. 2001. The ecology and hydro-biodiversity of Wadi Hajr water basin; Hadhramout Studies & Researches; Vol. 1, No. 1; Hadhramout University of Sciences & Technology; Yemen. ? Babaljhom, E.S.; Ali, A.M. Badhafari, A. F. 2003, Use of old dry Sepions (Shells) of cuttlefishes (Sepia pharoanis) for recalculation prealive length-weight composition; In: Ali, A.M. (ed.); Biological resources of Aden gulf and its conservation-Kasp NIRKh publications; Russia. (In Russian). ? Badhafary, A.F. & Ali, A.M. 2003; Recent Status of Small tuna fisheries in Arabian Shelf of Aden gulf and possibility of efficiency increasing. In: Badhafary A.F. (ed.), Aspects of biology and fisheries of small tuna (Euthynnus affinis) in Aden gulf. Kasp NIRKh publications, Astrakhan; (in Russian). ? Bazar, S.R.; Al-Munaify, A.A.; Ali, A.M. 2003; Protection of Marine systems from impact of ethnogeny systems (Inland pollutants) in southern provinces of Yemen. In: Ali; A. M. (ed.) Biological resources of Aden gulf and its conservation. Kasp NIRKh publications. Russia (In Russian). ? Ali, A.M. & Bazar; S.R.2005. First Record of Anguilla bengalensis from Arabia with notes on freshwater fishes from Hajr Stream / Hadhramout / Yemen; Zoology in the Middle East, Vol.34 (2005): 35-44. ? Muhsin K.A. & Ali, Attaala M. 2008. Feeding habits of the Rainbow runner Elagates bipinulatus from Hadhramout coast ? Yemen. The II Sci. symposium of environment conservation. Thamar University / Thamar, Yemen. ? Basmidi A. A., A. A. Mukhaysin, and A. S. Lahmer. 2008. Population dynamic of Thunnus albacares (Actinopterygii: Scombridae) on Hadhramout coast ? Aden gulf. Journal of Hadhramout University. Vol.7, 15, Dec. 2008: 209-224. ? Ali, A. M. & Tomas N.K. 2009. Some Ecological aspects of Bizz Barbus esocinus Heckel, 1843 (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) from Tigris and Euphrates Rivers ? Iraq. Tropical Freshwater Biology, Vol. 18 (1). ? Ali, A. M., Basmidi, A. A., Aideed M. Sheikh and Al-Quffail A. S. 2009. First remarks on Abalone Biology (Haliotis pustulata) on the Northern coast of Aden Gulf, Yemen. Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 4 (5): 210-227. ? Basmidi A. A., Ali. Attaala Mukhaysin 2009. Growth and mortality estimation of Abalone Haliotis pustulata Reeve 1846 from Hadhramout coast, Gulf of Aden ? Yemen. Yemeni J. Biol. Sci. 5 (1): 137-149. ? Ali Mukhaysin, Laith Jawad, and Aideed Sheikh 2009. First record of Neoharriotta pinnata (Osteichthys: Rhinochimaeridae) and second record of Satyrichthys adeni (Osteichthys: Peristediidae) from Gulf of Aden, Republic of Yemen. Marine Biodiversity Records (2009), x: xx Cambridge University Press. Published online. ? Ali, A. M. & McNOON A. H. 2010. Additions to benthopelagic fish fauna of Aden Gulf ? Arabian Sea (Actinopterygii: Bramidae and Sternoptychidae).Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, vol. 5, issue 1: 23-32. Current research projects: - Ali A. M. & Bazar S. R. 2009-2010: The status and prospects of Hadhramout coast's environment in sustainability and exploitation of marine products and mariculture.A project of Ministry of high education and scientific research. - Master degree students projects: - Reproduction biology of yellowfin tuna in east of Aden gulf; 2008-2009 Books: - Atalla, M. Ali. 1980, Sea Fishes as Food & Industry. High Agricultural Council. 214 pp. Salma press. Baghdad. (Arabic) (Revised & renovate now). - Atalla, M. Ali & Amin, A.A., 1984, Ichthyology and Fish culture. (Handbook, for Agricultural high Schools), Ministry of Education; Iraq. - Atalla, M. Ali & Hadid, A. I. 1991, Fish culture & Production (Handbook for Technical Institutes) Ministry of High Education & Science Research. Iraq. - Attaala M.A. (In press). Mariculture, the deferred necessity. Wahden Press, Yemen. (Arabic).

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