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Details of Mr. srinivas bikkina   


Gender male
Job title Research Scholar
Department Chemistry Department, Geosciences Division
Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Tel 07926314313
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Degree M.SC, Chemistry (Specialization in Marine Chemistry) from AndhraUniversity
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Chemical Oceanography
Research Activities presenlty working in the filed of" Atmospheric aerosols in the marine region and their impact on surface ocean Biogeochemistry".
Research Region 71
Skills/Expertise analytical skills: well handling of instruments like ICP-AES, GF-AAS,FLAME AAS, IONCHROMATOGRAPH, SPCECTROPHOTOMETER, SPECTROFLOUROMETER, AUTOANALYZER. my expertise in hydrographic parameters of seawater such as nutrients, tracemetals, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, chlorophyll, Dissolved organic carbon in sediments as well as in water column.
Comments Presently working in " Goesphere - Biosphere program" related to OCEAN - ATMOSPHERE COUPLING".

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