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Details of Mr Renganaden Virasami   


Gender male
Job title Divisional Meteorologist
Mauritius Meteorological Services ( MMS)
St Paul Road Vacoas 73449
Mauritius Meteorological Services St Paul Road
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Mauritius
Tel +230 6861031
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Degree BSc, Postgraduate in Meteorology, MPhil
Job type Research , Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Climatology, Meteorology , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities -Research interest in coupling a wave model with NWP especially using a fine resolution Limited Area Model -Use of GIS
Working languages English, French
Skills/Expertise -PhD candidate specialising in Numerical Weather Prediction.
-Atmospheric modeling
-Storm surge modeling
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Renganaden VIRASAMI)

L. A. Vincent,1 E. Aguilar,2 M. Saindou,3 A. F. Hassane,3 G. Jumaux,4 D. Roy,4 P. Booneeady,5 R. Virasami,5 L. Y. A. Randriamarolaza,6 F. R. Faniriantsoa,6 V. Amelie,7 H. Seeward,7 and B. Montfraix (2011) Observed trends in indices of daily and extreme temperature and precipitation for the countries of the western Indian Ocean,1961?2008 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 116, D10108, doi:10.1029/2010JD015303, 2011
D.S. Arndt, M.O. Baringer and M.R. Johnson, Eds. State of the Climate 2009 Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Vol. 91, No. 7, July 2010
R. Virasami,K. Golap,S.D.D.V. Rughooputh (2002) 1D Solar Image Synthesis: A Multifrequency Analysis Astrophysics and Space Science 10-2002, Volume 282, Issue 1, pp 255-264

Group(s): JCOMM , Services and Forecasting Systems Programme Area (SFSPA) , METAREA Coordinators – Roles and responsibilities
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