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Details of  Lisa Marie Raymond   


Gender female
Job title Co-Director MBLWHOI Library, Director of Library Services at WHOI
Department MBLWHOI Library
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole
United States
Tel 1 508 289 3557
Fax 1 508 457 2156
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Website http://www.mblwhoilibrary.org/
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Job type Information Management & Library
Research Activities Open access to knowledge, data citation, metadata standards and informatics.
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Data publication, data citation, metadata standards, and library management.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Lisa RAYMOND)

Pearlman, Jay, John Orcut, Peter Pissierssens, Lisa Raymond, and Albert J. Williams. Inter-disciplinary Ocean Research ? Addressing the Challenges. IEEE/MTS Oceans ?12, Harnessing the Power of the Ocean, Hampton Roads, Virginia, October 14-19, 2012.
Raymond, Lisa M., Linda Pikula, Roy K. Lowry, Edward R. Urban, Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, Peter Pissierssens, Cathy Norton. SCOR/IODE/MBLWHOI Library Collaboration on Data Publication. In: JCDL ?11 Proceeding of the 11th Annual International ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital libraries, ACM New York, NY, 2011.

Group(s): IODE , IODE SG-OceanDocs , SG-OceanKnowledge (OKn)
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