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Details of Dr. Otto M. P. Oliveira   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas
Universidade Federal do ABC ( UFABC)
Rua Santa Adelia, 166 - Bangu Santo Andre 09210-170
Universidade Federal do ABC Rua Santa Adelia, 166 - Bangu
Santo Andre
São Paulo
Regions Black Sea
Nationality Brazil
Tel 55 11 23206235
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Working on Gelatinous Zooplankton (Medusozoa, Ctenophora and Thaliacea) faunistics, taxonomy, ecology and biogeography.
Editor of Ctenophora at Zookeys.
Working languages English, Portuguese
Skills/Expertise Biology BSc. on Benthic Hydrozoa (Cnidaria); 
Zoology MSc. on Epiphytic Hydrozoa (Cnidaria);
Zoology PhD. on Ctenophora;
Post-Doc on Gelatinous Zooplankton.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Otto OLIVEIRA)

Oliveira, O.M.P. (2007) The presence of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in the Oslofjorden and considerations on the initial invasion pathways to the North and Baltic Seas. Aquatic Invasions, 2(3): 185-189.
Oliveira, O.M.P.; Mianzan, H.; Migotto, A.E. & Marques, A.C. (2007) Identification key for the ctenophores from Brazilian coast. Biota Neotropica, 7(3): 341-350. [text in Portuguese, abstract in English]
Oliveira, O.M.P. & Marques, A.C. (2007) Epiphytic hydroids (Hydrozoa: Anthoathecata and Leptothecata) of the World. Check List, 3(1): 21-38.
Oliveira, O.M.P. & Migotto, A.E. (2006) Pelagic ctenophores from the São Sebastião Channel, southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa, 1183: 1-26.
Oliveira, O.M.P. & Marques, A.C. (2005) Population biology of Eudendrium caraiuru (Cnidaria, Anthoathecata, Eudendriidae) from São Sebastião Channel, southeastern Brazil. Iheringia - Série Zoologia, 95(3): 241-246.
Marques, A.C. & Oliveira, O.M.P. (2003) Eudendrium caraiuru sp. n. (Hydrozoa; Anthoathecata; Eudendriidae) from the southeastern coast of Brazil. Zootaxa, 307: 1-12.
Oliveira, O.M.P.; Marques, A.C. & Migotto, A.E. (2000) Morphometric patterns of two fouling species of Eudendrium spp. (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae, Eudendriidae) from São Sebastião, SE Brazil. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 43(5): 519-526.

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