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Details of Dr. Ilham Bouimetarhan   


Gender female
Job title Postdoctoral researcher
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Ilham BOUIMETARHAN)

K. Mertens, S. Ribeiro, I. Bouimetarhan, H. Caner, N. Combourieu-Nebout, B. Dale, A. De Vernal, M. Ellegaard, M. Filipova, A. Godhe, E. Goubert, K. Grøsfjeld, U. Holzwarth, U. Kotthoff, S.A.G. Leroy, L. Londeix, F. Marret, K. Matsuoka, P.J. Mudie,L. Naudts, J-L. Peña-Manjarrez, A. Persson, S-M. Popescu, V. Pospelova, F. Sangiorgi et al. (2009). Process length variation in cysts of a dinoflagellate, Lingulodinium machaerophorum, in surface sediments and its potential use as a salinity proxy. Marine Micropalaeontology 70, 54-69.
I. Bouimetarhan, F. Marret, L. Dupont, K. Zonneveld (2009). Dinoflagellate cyst distribution in marine surface sediments off West Africa (6 – 17°N) in relation to sea-surface conditions, freshwater input and seasonal coastal upwelling. Marine Micropaleontology 71, 113-130.
I. Bouimetarhan, L. Dupont, E. Schefuß, G. Mollenhauer, S. Mulitza, K. Zonneveld (2009). Palynological evidence for climatic and oceanic variability off NW Africa during the late Holocene. Quaternary Research 72, 188-197.

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