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Details of Prof. Mohamed Moussa Dorgham   


Gender male
Job title Professor, Marine biology and ecology
Department Oceanography, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
Alexandria university Alexandria, Moharram Bey, 21511 EGYPT
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Egypt
Tel (203) 4843171/2
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Website http://www.oceanography.egyguide.net/about_us.htm
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Degree PH D
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Plankton ecology and taxonomy, polychaetes, marine ecology
Research Region 41,2, 3,
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Mohamed DORGHAM)

Dorgham M.M. (2011) Eutrophication Problem in Egypt. In: Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control, Ansari, Singh, Lanza & Rast (Eds) (Chapter 8). Springer Press. Dorgham M.M. (2013) Eutrophication effects. In: Eutrophication effect, Ansari, Singh, Lanza & Rast (Eds).. (Chapter 3) Springer Press.. Dorgham, M.M. (2013)- Monograph of zooplankton in the ROPME Sea Area during winter 2006. Prepared for the Regional Organization for the Protection of Marine Environment, Kuwait. 70- Dorgham, M.M, ELSherbiny, M.M. and Hanafi, M.H. (2012)-Vertical distribution of Zooplankton in epipelagic zone off Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea, Egypt. OCEANOLOGIA, 54(3): 473-489. 71- Dorgham, M.M, ELSherbiny, M.M. and Hanafi, M.H. (2012)-Environmental properties of the Southern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, Egypt. Mediterranean Marine Science, 13(2): 179-186. 72- M.M. Dorgham, El-Sayed, R.H., El-Rashidy, H. and Atta, M.M. (2013)- First records of polychaetes new to Egyptian Mediterranean waters. OCEANOLOGIA, 55(1):235-267. 73- M.M. Dorgham 2013- Plankton research in ROPME Sea Area: Acievments and gaps. International Journal of Environmental Research, 7(3) 767-778. 74- M. M. Dorgham, W.S. El-Toham, N.E.Abdel Aziz, A. El-Ghobashi and J. G. Qin (2013) Protozoa in a stressed area of the Egyptian Mediterranean coast of Damietta, Egypt. OCEANOLOGIA, 55 (3) 733-750. 75- N.G. Shams El Din, E. A. M. El Khair and M. M.Dorgham (2013) .Phytoplankton community on Egyptian Mediterranean Coast. Indian Jour. Marine sceinces (In press). 76- R. Hamdy, M. M. Dorgham, H.H. El-Rashidy and M.M. Atta (2014) Biometry and reproductive biology of Pseudonereis anomala (Polychaeta: Nerideida) on the Alexandria Coast, egypt, OCEANOLOGIA, 56(1): 41-58.

Group(s): GOOS , GOOS Regional Alliances , MON GOOS
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