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Details of Ing. Wim W Boer   


Gender male
Job title Research co-worker, analytical inorganic analist
Department Marine Chemistry and Geology
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research ( NIOZ)
PO Box 59 Den Burg 1790 AB
Tel (31) 222 369386
Fax (31) 222 319674
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Website http://www.nioz.nl/nioz_nl/549226035d61b3e2f36d769186a8c1b7.php
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Degree BSc
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Chemical Oceanography , Marine Geology, Geophysics
Research Activities Natural and anthropogenic radionuclides and stable lead in the marine environment. Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca in tropical and deep sea corals as indicators for paleao temperatures.
Research Region 36, 71, North Sea
Skills/Expertise Responsible for lab and instruments like HR-ICP-MS (ThermoFinnegan), alpha and gamma spectrometry, particle characterisation techniques (size and specific surface area). • Specialist in analyzing short living low radio-active isotopes like lead-210 (alpha spectrometry), radium-226 and cesium-137 (gamma spectrometry). • Dating of sediment via modelling isotope profiles (CIC, CRS, CF/CS models). • Analyzing marine sediment/corals with HR-ICP-MS. • The acquisition of comparison of instruments like HR-ICP-MS, particle size apparatus. • Guiding students, analysts, PhDs and postdocs. • Quality control of routine analyses and method development of new applications.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ing. Wim BOER)

W. Boer, G.D. van den Bergh, H. de Haas, H.C. de Stigter, R. Gieles, Tj. C.E. van Weering, 2006. Validation of accumulation rates in Teluk Banten (Indonesia) from commonly applied 210Pb models, using the 1883 Krakatau tephra as time marker. Mar. Geol. 227: 263-277.
B.N. Zegers, W.E. Lewis, K. Booij, R.H. Smittenberg, W. Boer, J. de Boer, and J.P. Boon, 2003. Levels of polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardants in sediment cores from Western Europe. Environ. Sci. Technol. 37: 3803-3807.
G.D. van den Bergh, W. Boer, H. de Haas, Tj.C.E. van Weering, R. van Wijhe, 2003. Shallow marine tsunami deposits in Teluk Banten (NW Java, Indonesia), generated by the 1883 Krakatau eruption. Mar. Geol. 197: 13-34.
Tj.C.E. van Weering, H.C. de Stigter, W. Boer, H. de Haas, 2002. Recent sediment transport and accumulation on the NW Iberian margin. Prog. in Oceanogr. 52: 349-371.
W. van Raaphorst, H. Malschaert, H. van Haren, W. Boer, G.J. Brummer, 2001. Cross-slope zonation of erosion and deposition in the Faeroe-Shetland Chaneel, North Atlantic Ocean. Deep-Sea Res. 48: 567-591.
H. de Haas, W. Boer, Tj.C.E. van Weering, 1997. Recent sedimentation and organic carbon burial in a shelf sea: the North Sea. Mar. Geol. 144: 131-146.
M. Mil-Homes, R.L. Stevens, W. Boer, F. Abrantes, I. Cato, 2006. Pollution history of heavy metals on the Portuguese shelf using 210Pb-geochronology. Tijdschrift: 367(1): 466-480
G.D. van den Bergh, W. Boer, M.A.S. Schaapveld, D.M. Duc and Tj.C.E. van Weering. Recent sedimentation and sediment accumulation rates of the Ba Lat prodelta (Red River, Vietnam), Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. In Press.

Group(s): GLODIR
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